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Sweating like a chicken: 18 Spanish phrases to complain about the heat like a true Spanish

It is so hot! – It is very hot! The simplest and most generic way to let it be known that you really are very hot.

How Lorenzo attacks! – What an attack from Lorenzo! In Spain, the sun is traditionally known as Lorenzo and the moon as Catalina. So if Lorenzo is ‘attacking’ you, it is the rays of the sun that you find particularly punishing.

It’s doggy heat! What an afternoon dog day! It is interesting that English has a similar expression to talk about hot summer afternoons and the feeling of lethargy it causes, although in Spanish it can be used at any time of the day. You can also say it’s dog cold (It is very cold).

expressions in spanish hot weatherPhoto: Adrian Smalley / Flickr

How it hits! – How it hits you! Here’s one way of saying it’s scorching hot and the sun’s rays seem so intense it’s like you’re getting beaten up.

What an oven! – It’s like an oven out there! There are many places in the interior of Spain where you will feel as if you are being baked alive during the sweltering summer months. It is no wonder that the Spanish flock to the coast to cool off in the sea.

I associate! – I’m roasting! Here’s another way to describe how it feels like it’s being cooked alive.

expressions in spanish heatPhoto: Andreas SOLARO / AFP

I burn! – They’re burning me to death! And here is an expression to say that you are now overcooked.

It’s hot as hell / as hell / as hell! It’s hot sacramental bread, hot balls or fucking hot! Since profanity is an integral part of most everyday speeches in Spain and bollocks and ostias are a great way to spice up your language, we thought we’d add these extras for when you want to give it a little peace of mind.

I’m sweating like a chicken / a pig OR I’m sweating ink – I’m sweating like a chicken / pig OR I’m sweating ink. Here are three fantastic Spanish expressions to let people know that their armpits currently have the sprinklers on due to the insane heat.

expressions in spanish heatPhoto: Jaime Reina / AFP

It does a fair sun !: It’s punishingly sunny! This is, of course, a literal (and looser) translation, but this expression is used to denote that the intensity of the sun is capable of justify, which in Spanish can mean to punish, bring to justice or sentence to death.

It’s so hot that even frogs carry a canteen! It’s so hot that even frogs carry bottles of water! If you use this brilliant metaphor with a native Spanish speaker, you are likely to be very impressed. They may just not show it if they are in the process of melting into the pavement due to the heat.

expressions in spanish hot weatherPhoto: Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV / AFP

What an embarrassment! It’s suffocating! Use this expression to describe hot and humid weather that is so muggy that it has practically been glued to your couch.

It’s so hot that you can fry an egg on the street – It’s so hot that you can fry an egg on the street! This has literally been tested in cities like Seville and Madrid, where mercury reaching 40 C during the summer is year after year.

Nine months of winter and three of hell – Nine months of winter, three months of hell. Here is a Spanish climate proverb for our readers living in the interior of Spain, which translates to ‘nine months of winter, 3 months of hell’. Technically, it refers to the harsh climatic differences in the Castile regions of Spain, but if your part of Spain has cold winters and hot summers, this saying is definitely right for you.


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