Thursday, May 26

Swedish government expands measures against coronavirus

The announcement came at a press conference with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Health Minister Lena Hallengren and the Director General of the Public Health Agency, Johan Carlson.

“We need the spread of the infection to slow down significantly and we have to reduce the pressure on the healthcare sector,” Löfven said, warning that once again people in Sweden needed to accept “a limited and unusual Easter” without meeting people outside of their close circles. .

The extensions come after dozens of Swedish hospitals. had to deny staff license during Easter due to the pandemic, with sharp rises both in the incidence rate (number of new cases per capita) and in ICU admissions of patients with Covid-19.

It means that municipalities and regions are asked to keep non-essential public places closed until at least April 18. This includes, for example, swimming pools, gyms and museums run by the municipality.

In addition, restrictions on restaurants, pubs and cafes, as well as shops, gyms and museums will be extended. That includes the following:

  • All restaurants, bars and cafes must close before 8:30 p.m.
  • No more than four people per group are allowed in restaurants, bars and cafes, and those located within shopping centers can only allow groups of one.
  • Businesses should ensure that customers buy alone, not in groups
  • Stores and department stores cannot allow more than one customer for every ten square meters and no more than 500 in total

These rules originally expired on April 11 and will now continue to apply until at least May 3.

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Health Minister Lena Hallengren said: “There will come a time when we can be here and tell you about the relaxation of restrictions. Unfortunately it’s not today […] the better people follow the rules, the sooner [relaxed] rules can be entered “.

He said the government had accepted the Public Health Agency’s request to postpone a planned easing of restrictions on museums, theaters and theme parks. This would have allowed venues like theaters to allow up to 50 visitors at events with designated seating and distance requirements, and for theme parks and amusement parks to open, and it was scheduled to go into effect on April 11.

Like the local has previously reported, the Public Health Agency has now suggested May 3 as a preliminary date for the introduction of these relaxations, but this depends on the epidemiological situation.

“I know a lot of people are incredibly tired, but this is far from over,” said the agency’s director, Johan Carlson.

“The risk of infection remains high in the private sphere. So we need to reduce our contacts even more than we are doing today. “

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