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Swimmer Ona Carbonell regrets that covid restrictions prevent her from traveling with her son to the Tokyo Olympics

  • The Olympic synchronized swimming medalist publishes a video on Instagram where she complains that she will have to separate 20 days from the baby, who is nursing

  • The Japanese authorities impose that families stay in hotels away from the teams, which makes it difficult to combine it with the competition

The swimmer Ona Carbonell has made public a video on Instagram in which she regrets that the restrictions imposed by the Japanese authorities in the face of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo prevent her from traveling with her son, and has confessed that he is going to “have a very bad time“and that he hopes that this will serve to” make visible and normalize “this situation for the future. sports player elite, in addition, breastfeeds the little one Kai, which should stop doing for more than 20 days.

The Catalan, who is part of the team of artistic swimming, has ensured that “first question” he asked when he was “getting in shape” again to compete in Tokyo after being a mother at the beginning of August, it was if she could travel accompanied by her baby less than one year old despite the problems with the pandemic due to the issue of “lactation“to whom he gives great importance.

Olympic Committee facilities

“They told me no and other athletes they hung up is difficult situation to choose between breastfeeding and reconciling and some Games, which they can’t be compatible. I spoke to the COE, the CSD and the IOC and made a request to the IOC to see if they could take it away. They told me that it was possible, but that The conditions were not set by them but by the Government of Japan“he said, referring to sports colleagues who had shown their dissatisfaction with the situation, in an Olympic Games that will also be held without an audience.

However, he eventually had to make a “very tough decision” to not being able to travel with his family because they were going to live in “incompatible conditions” so that both their partner and Kai’s father, Pablo, and the child would be “as good as possible.”

Exit the bubble several times

“Pablo and Kai they had to be in a hotel that we did not know how far away and they couldn’t leave the room and for me to go to breastfeed as many times as it was every day I had to leave the bubble and go to your hotel. That was a risk for the team and it was not the right thing for them (Pablo and Kai) “, he adds in the message of the social network.

For this reason, Carbonell feels “very bad” having to make a decision and also hope that other athletes who “go through the same thing” join to give “visibility to this situation and normalize it”. “I hope that these conditions serve other athletes and they can take their son. I’m going to have a hard time, I’m going to have to be twenty-something days with him breast pump Y I hope that when I arrive I can continue breastfeeding and that it latches to the chest because it is something that matters a lot to me. I want to thank the team, the IOC, COE, CSD, my compis and my family for helping me so much and that this serves for future Games and other competitions, “he said.

A Paralympic athlete gives up going

Japanese government restrictions have also led other athletes to give up travel and competition. This is the case of the Paralympic swimmer Becca meyers, who has been prevented from traveling accompanied by her mother and has opted directly for Leave the Tokyo Olympic race.

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