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“Tabarka” sounds 25 years later

The Alicante composer, in his studio with the old scores from the soundtrack and the new one from Tabarka's suite.

The Alicante composer, in his studio with the old scores from the soundtrack and the new one from Tabarka’s suite.

Intense, emotional, descriptive, passionate, Mediterranean … These adjectives define, according to Luis Ivars, the music he composed for the Tabarka movie, in which it was his first foray into film. That happened 25 years ago, when Sunday Rhodes assumed the direction of this project, based on the homonymous novel by Miguel Signes, and transferred the team to the Alicante island.

Just when the quarter of a century of its filming is completed, Tabarka’s suite will sound again. And it will in the I Seville International Film Music Festival, an initiative that had to be held this week, but for health reasons has been postponed to November.

The premiere will be at the Cartuja Center CITE auditorium in the capital of Seville and those in charge of the Tabarquina breeze reaching that space for about 7 minutes will be the members of the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville, under the direction of Alfonso Casado.

Ginés García and Neus Asensi, protagonists of the film, in a scene.

“A few months ago the organization asked me to bring the music of Tabarka and when Domingo Rodes told me that it was 25 years since the shoot, I did not doubt it,” says the Alicante composer who has had to dive into the trunk of memories to rescue the 21 themes made for the film, with the aim of converting it into the suite that will be released in a few months.

It was not easy. The musician, a founding member of the Mediterranean group, that the original staves rested on a computer from the year 93. “That didn’t even turn on … so let’s see where I got it from.” Well it did. «I have listened to it, I have looked for scores from when the film was made and with those old scores and based on listening to it again I have been able to make the suite, which has new elements because I have lengthened some parts».

For that suite, which he claims he has begun to prepare in a longer format, he took as a reference three of the themes of the film, which was then recorded with the Ciudad de Elche Symphony Orchestra: Tabarca, Almadraba and Fishing to Llop Marí. “I have found it curious to listen to the music again because I have realized that there is a more classical style than I would have used now, but I liked to discover that the emotions are still fresh in the score”.

“The memories of Tabarca are always fantastic because they were my beginnings in the cinema,” he says. “It was a dream for me to enter the world of cinema and it seemed wonderful to me because making a film in which my roots were added to that”.

Poster of the film directed by Domingo Rodes.

He claims that he had idealized the island. I had just finished composing Tabarca with Mediterranean and I got fully involved in the film to put music to the saltpeter, to the locals, to the crossroads of the island … it was part of my DNA ».

Ivars remembers the two weeks he spent on the island with the actors (Neus Asensi, Ginés García Millán, Raúl Fraire and Cristina Collado star in the film), sharing the creation of the lyrics of the Bolero de Tabarca in the only two bars open to us and living the aridity of the island in winter while its beauty was an unforgettable experience ». In addition, he points out, “to sleep in Tabarca is to discover the true essence of the island.”

In addition to the concert, Ivars will participate in the round table on Composers’ copyrights in Spain and Europe, as honorary president of Musimagen, the Spanish Association of Audiovisual Composers, former president of Fface (Federation of Film & Audiovisual Composers of Europe) and member of the board of ECSA (European Composers & Songwriters Alliance).

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