Monday, November 23

Tables of Sarhua: what this colorful tradition is about and what it represents in the history of Peru

  • Analía Llorente
  • HayFestivalArequipa @ BBCMundo


Venuca Evanán is one of the artists of the new generation of the Tables of Sarhua.

If we look for Sarhua on a map, we have to get very close to be able to identify that the center of this Peruvian district located in the Víctor Fajardo province, in the Ayacucho department, has more than 16 blocks.

But despite its smallness in the middle of the mountains in southern Peru, this town flourishes thanks to its culture and “created a type of art that only exists in Sarhua”, assures the art historian Gabriela Germana.

It refers to the Tablas de Sarhua, a centuries-old tradition that the Peruvian government declared Pcultural heritage of the nation in 2018 and consisting of painted logs between two and three meters long that originally showed the activities of the inhabitants of the houses.

Over the years, these tables became expressions of the community’s traditions and also its concerns.

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