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Taliban hanged the body of an alleged kidnapper in the square of a province in Afghanistan

It was not the first episode in which kidnappers have been killed in Afghanistan.

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Taliban forces in Afghanistan publicly exhibited the bodies of a group of kidnappers who had been assassinated after they supposedly kidnapped two people in the city of Herat, located in the west of the country.

In information collected by CNN, a journalist claimed that a group of four men had kidnapped a merchant with his son in recent days, which generated the reaction of the Taliban.

The country’s power group was able to free the merchant along with his son and proceeded to kill the kidnappers. After this, one of the bodies was exposed in a square in the town, while the other three were taken to different points where the Taliban were seen walking around the hanged bodies, the journalist said next to another source.

Shir Ahmed Ummar Muhajir, who serves as deputy governor of Herat, told a local journalist that four people had been killed, and an armed member of the Islamic Emirate was injured after the clash.

Broadcast images of the incident showed a man hanging from a crane in the central square, and the crowd gathered to see the bodya witness reported to CNN.

Likewise, a student and activist pointed out that the kidnappers “They had been shot during the operation and then hanged for people to take a lesson.”

This is not the first time that retaliation of this type has occurred against kidnappers. In early September, four suspected child abductors had been dumped in a central square located in Mazar-i-Sharif. Reports claimed that they had been killed during a shootout with the Taliban.

Rights violations amid acceptance requests

In a government that is already made up of the Taliban group, and that has insisted on being accepted as a member of the United Nations, the policies of control of power have generated controversy within the territory and around the world.

The clearest complaints that have occurred for violations of human rights, especially that of women, who have suffered attacks since the Taliban took over the country, to the point of joining in protests where they have demanded equal rights; Nevertheless, these protests have been dispersed by gunfire.

Meanwhile, the Taliban high command has insisted that they will seek to be an inclusive government in which women will play an important role in society, although this contrasts with reports of abuses against him, as well as the deprivation of the right to education of young minors.

The latest restrictions imposed by the Taliban have been to limit the jobs of women in Kabul, and they will have as one of the only jobs to clean women’s toilets, according to an order announced last Sunday by the acting mayor of Kabul. the Afghan capital, Hamdullah Nohmani.

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