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Taliban will fight hunger by distributing tons of wheat in Afghanistan

Members of the Taliban at the Deh Mazang Circle in Kabul on October 20, 2021.

Photo: VICE KOHSAR / AFP / Getty Images

The Taliban will distribute 66,000 tons of wheat to help the most disadvantaged families in Afghanistan, as part of a food program launched this Sunday to reduce hunger and poverty in the country.

“Today we inaugurate a program to prevent poverty, hunger and the food crisis in the country,” announced the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Abdul Rahman Rashed, at a press conference in Kabul.

The program will be implemented first in the Afghan capital to gradually expand to the remaining 33 provinces and only in Kabul “temporary jobs for 40,000 people will be created,” Rasheed added.

In this sense, “11,600 tons will be distributed through the food program in Kabul,” and the rest will be reserved for the rest of the country, he concluded.

The beneficiaries of this program will be hired by the authorities to work on development projects, reserve and distribution of irrigation and drinking water, explained the Deputy Minister of Energy and Water, Mujiburahman Omar, during the press conference, and at the end of the day they will receive a quantity of wheat to feed their families.

Afghanistan plunges into deep crisis economic and humanitarian with the arrival of the Taliban, where half the population, the equivalent of 18 million people, require humanitarian assistance in the country, according to the United Nations.

The Afghan humanitarian crisis worsened in recent years with the covid-19 pandemic and drought problems, which were recently added to the reduction of assets by the United States and the suspension of international funds after the arrival at the power of the Taliban on August 15.

In this sense, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) indicated in a report that Afghanistan is on the verge of universal poverty rates: 97% of the population is at risk of sinking into poverty for the year 2022 unless urgent action is taken.

Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, one of the main leaders of the Hazara Shiite minority in Afghanistan, recently claimed that at least eight orphaned children between the ages of one and eight died of starvation. in a neighborhood in western Kabul.

“The death of these eight children from hunger (…) is a shame,” Mohaqiq remarked, adding that since then no one in the Afghan government has taken measures to prevent more child deaths.


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