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Tamara Falcó turns 39 between successes and misfortunes | People

Tamara Falcó did not suspect at the beginning of 2020 that this was going to be her great year. Had just won MasterChef Celebrity when he explained to this newspaper that he was thinking about how to continue his professional career. She then ruled out opening her own restaurant – “I’m not ready” -, she meditated opening a healthy food channel on some platform and laughed when asked if she was the successor to her mother – “Mommy’s thing is something else, she’s what more”-. He didn’t have to think much because fate had a successful year in store for him: two television shows, dozens of advertising campaigns, magazine covers every week, and a noble title. But this last achievement would have preferred to achieve much later. The death in March of her father, Carlos Falcó, the Marquis of Griñón, due to the COVID was a severe blow for her.

They did not live long together since the marriage of Falcó and Preysler was soon broken by the arrival of Miguel Boyer. “I have grown up with my mother, I have always been with her but my father has been present at all times,” said Tamara. From him she inherited her love for the countryside, although not as much as that of her sister Chábeli. “I am more of a city but from time to time I need to go to the country, find peace. Chábeli can stay for months and not miss anything, “he said of his older sister, the result of his mother’s relationship with Julio Iglesias. These days Tamara will already be Marchioness of Griñón, a title that she did not expect and that she has received with enthusiasm for what it meant for her father, but that will not change anything in her life.

She belongs to that group of people who by themselves are already part of an exclusive club. Yet she refuses to be seen as “a mother’s girl.” For this reason, among other things, she accepted to participate in the TVE cooking contest, so that people would know her more. The result could not be more positive. Tamara now feels more recognized than ever and, more importantly, she feels recognized by herself not just by her famous family.

All of hers already knew what Tamara was like before all this. That is why her mother has commented on more than one occasion: “I don’t know what surprises you about her, it has always been that way.” But the truth is that the image she projected was that of the ugly duckling of the family, a clumsy girl, without a known job, in the shadow of her mother and somewhat obsessed with religion, when she was not reminded that by the age of 30 she was not boyfriend.

In love matters, Tamara is an exception in her family. At his age, his mother already had two marriages and four children. His brothers are not far behind. They are all already married except for the two little ones on the father’s side: Duarte and Aldara. There was a time when Tamara resented being asked if she had a boyfriend. Now this question has disappeared from the questionnaires. In his own way, he has broken the mold in a family where unions and love affairs prevail. He says that he would like to get married one day and have children but if that moment does not come, nothing will happen.

She is very close to all her siblings, especially Ana Boyer, Enrique Iglesias and Manolo and Xandra Falcó. With them you know that discretion is essential. They spend time together but of those encounters except with Ana there are no photos. In these weeks she is very aware of Xandra who in September lost her husband Jaime Carvajal Hoyos due to a sudden heart attack. This death and that of his father have marred a year of successes that it seems will continue into the next.

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