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Tamara Falcó turns 40: these are the 10 moments of the ‘celebrity’ that must be remembered

Tamara Falco turns 40 this Saturday, after a bittersweet year. These are the 10 moments of the ‘celebrity’ that must be remembered:

1. Terror of the tatas

Famous since her intrauterine life, people from the domestic environment tell that Tami was a “pretty unbearable” girl. In part, they say, because his mother instilled in him that he was “a very important person.” Psychology would later provide an extra piece of information: he suffered from ADD.

Tamara, with her mother and ‘uncle’ Miguel.

2. The great ‘low’

The eternal Disneyworld of his childhood was overshadowed when ‘Mami’ moved in with ‘Uncle Miguel’ [Boyer] to a polon of Puerta de Hierro (with two swimming pools and paddle court, be careful). “They changed my school and I felt misplacedIt was difficult for me to make friends and I asked myself: ‘Where are Julio and Enrique’s’ playmobil ‘?’

3. Excursion to the working world

On her return from the US – she studied Communication at Lake Forest College in Illinois – she became a clerk at Bershka. The ‘worker moment’ did not last long because his father, Carlos Falco, rescued it for its warehouses. Anonymity was not made for her. In 2013 he saw the spark in the orbit ‘celebrity’ and mounted ‘reality’, ‘We love Tamara’, showing his day-to-day luxuries.

4. The thyroid boycott

He gained 20 kilos and did not hide it, but admitted that he did not recognize himself in the mirror. Half-jokingly, and claiming the right to the curve, he blamed the breaded meat for breakfast, but the medicine determined that he suffered from hypothyroidism. An iron will and hours in the Buchinger de Marbella – the ‘second residence’ of the Preysler-Vargas Llosa– they worked the miracle.

5. Pija but not alone

The best definition of Tamara was accidentally given by herself in ‘El Hormiguero’: “I’m posh, but I have rabbitsIn other words, his wardrobe and his social agenda are of the interest of a million-odd followers, but if it needs to get muddy, it gets muddy. They say it’s a more Falcó trait than Preysler.

6. The holy water spray

Tamara Falcó, with Pope Francis. Instagram

At the age of 12 he got into a fight with a priest and decided not to go to Mass. Already in his thirties, in a boring summer he stopped by the Casa del Libro and bought a Bible (“because it was white and blue and had a palm tree”). From there, he prayed the rosary, made spiritual retreats with the father Ghislain Roy and an app was installed to receive alerts from It occurred to her to be a nun, but she settled for carrying a holy water spray in her bag.

7. The family resists him

Tamara can’t cope with denying that her latest boyfriend, car designer Íñigo Onieva, is a ladies’ man. Although his list of loves is not negligible –Albert Comenge, Marco Noyer, Luis Medina, Tommaso Musini, Iván Miranda Álvarez-Pickman– and that he has received two marriage requests, there is no way to tie the ideal to start a family.

8. Brilliant elaborations

Tamara Falcó, with the ‘MasterChef Celebity’ award. Jose Luis Roca

Until I got to ‘Masterchef Celebrity 4’ I only knew about the kitchen which was Ramona’s ‘office’, the lady who cooks in Villa Meona. But he applied himself, took classes with Paco Roncero and was crowned the winner of the contest with three dishes rated by the trio as “brilliants”. Persevering, he has graduated from Le Cordon Bleu haute cuisine school and has already designed a menu for Porcelanosa.

9. Marchioness by surprise

Against all odds, his father, Carlos Falcó, who died last year as a result of the Covid, left him the title of Marchioness of Griñón. She is delighted with life, although she has no more privilege than the treatment of Her Excellency.

10. In the pulpit of Motorcycles

Her conversion into a tertullian of ‘El Hormiguero’ has given moments of cathodic glory. Pearls, released with the naturalness that characterizes it, such as “I am very happy to be on the right” or “to Mario [Vargas Llosa] he likes lentils with two eggs “they shoot the nets at the second.

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