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Tantric Sex | how it’s done

The tantric sex is a practice surrounded by myths that generates much curiosity in couples. It is based on the Tantra, an esoteric doctrine that emerged in the East thousands of years ago worship worldly pleasures to achieve spiritual fulfillment.

Tantric sex is just one part of this philosophy that not only pay attention to the genitalsbut to all parts of the body. It is focused on sexual energy of the individual to achieve ecstasy. There is no superiority of a sex over another and does not distinguish between the beautiful and the ugly, or good and evil.

If you want to escape the monotony and try new experiences, we give you the guidelines to get started in the tantric sex and know how it is practiced.

The power of Tantra: sex without taboos and without haste

Tantra says that for enjoy life to the fullest you have to accept yourself as you are and others. At sex ocurrs the same. We must be aware of our strengths and weaknesses. You have to put in it five senses, otherwise we will not achieve maximum pleasure. Another key is balance and harmony between the two people.

That said, we must remember that the goal of tantric sex is not ejaculation or orgasm, but enhance the senses through kisses, caresses and looks for the sexual energy to flow, leaving behind the taboos and, above all, the prisas. Ready to enter the world of neotantra to discover the tantric massage or sexual yoga?

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Discover the secrets of tantric sex. Getty Images

The importance of the environment, breathing and caresses

To get started, the environment must be right. Play music and regulate the temperature of the room, change the sheets and serve a drink, a tea for example.

The next step should be a game of mutual glances and caresses so that passion and desire are making an appearance.

All this calmly and without immediately reaching the genitals. You have to get pleasure even in uncharted parts.

Breathing is very important in this phase. must be in sync. The goal is to relax the bodies and achieve a greater connection between the two. The excitement must be progressive and can be felt an orgasm other than intercourse.

contain ejaculation

When we talk about tantric sex, the first thing that comes to mind is the ejaculation retention or what many call ‘inner ejaculation’. There are different control techniques for this. pubococcygeus muscle, located on the pelvic floor, such as the kegel exercises. One way to control and strengthen these muscles is to take a breath, hold your breath and contract that area, before expelling the air.

Before intercourse, the masturbation. According to experts in tantric sex, you have to stop shortly before reaching the point of no return, so lower the excitement and you can’t ejaculate. This can be done multiple times.

In the stimulation of the penis, when it approaches the point of no return, instead of stopping the stimulation he holds his breath and the aforementioned musculature is tightened. In this way one arrives at orgasm without ejaculating.

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The best positions for tantric sex

How to get started in tantric sex: the best positions

The tantric tradition it is ancient and seeks spiritual communion. To achieve it, we show you some of the positions that you can practice during tantric sex:


Also known as the lotus flower pose, it is perhaps the easiest and most popular. You’ve seen her in countless photos. The man sits crossing his legs and resting his heels on the opposite knee. The woman, meanwhile, sits on his lap. Penetration occurs with both embraced, so the contact is total, exciting and favors the exchange of energy between the two bodies.

The queen’s chair

In this case, the man sits on the edge of the bed or on a chair, and his partner sits on top of him, with his back to her. The woman takes control in this exciting and comfortable sexual position.


In this tantric sexual posture the two participants will sit facing each other. The goal is to relax by synchronizing your breathing, slow and deep. At the moment of penetration, she will lift one leg, supporting it with her hand, to make intercourse possible. It is not an optimal position for the frenzy, but precisely what is sought is to enjoy the journey and not so much the arrival at the finish line.


Here the man lifts the woman by her legs and passes them over his arms, at elbow height. The movements will be lateral, from left to right.

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Each one takes the feet of the other, while the penetration is slowly performed. It is a highly recommended position when both lovers are tired.


The man sits with his legs spread wide and brings the woman’s thighs together as he penetrates her.

If you have been wanting to know more about tantric sex, here you have this video monograph:

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