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TANXUGUEIRAS COVID | Two members of Tanxugueiras, positive in covid at the gates of the Benidorm Fest

It seems that eurodramas haunt the Benidorm festival. After the revolution that has brought about in the social networks the Luna Ki’s withdrawal for not being able to use autotune, a new one arrives mishap for the festival who will choose representative of Spain in Eurovision 2022. Several members of Tanxugueiras and Unique delay their trip to Benidorm Fest due to covid.

Most of the participants of the Benidorm festival are already in the city of skyscrapers, where RTVE organizes this contest in collaboration with the Generalitat Valenciana and the Benidorm City Council, but not all of them will be present at the press conference that will be held today and which marks the starting signal for the race for Eurovision. Are Last minute absences at the Benidorm Fest are due to the coronavirus.

Various members of Tanxugueiras Y Unique have announced that they delay their arrival at Benidorm Fest due to positives in covid. The Galician group announced this Sunday on its social networks that two of its three members, Aida Tarrío and Olaia Maneiro, are positive in covid. A situation that has forced them to delay their trip to Alicante. “Although part of the team is already in Benidorm, Aida and Olaia will travel in the next few days as a precaution. We are well and recovering. And, of course, looking forward to being able to share with you”Terralive on this Benidorm festival“, the singers explain in the statement. Olaia Maneiro and Aida Tarrío, from Tanxugueiras, are waiting for a negative result to be able to travel to Benidorm.

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In the same conditions is Gio, a member of the boy band Unique. Days after having tested positive for coronavirus, the singer is in Madrid carrying out the mandatory quarantine for covid cases pending a negative PCR that allows him to meet with his colleagues in Benidorm. This was announced yesterday on Twitter: “After a week of confinement, as a precaution I will not travel today with Unique. I hope to be in Benidorm soon. I feel very well. Thank you all, see you there as soon as possible.”

A few hours later, the group has clarified, also through social networks, that Gio will meet in the next few days with the rest of the band as long as his result is negative: “In case there is any doubt, Gio will be in Benidorm. And some very bad ones, I hope not, we would act 3/4. Unique will be in the first semifinal of the Benidorm Fest”.

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The covid protocol of the Benidorm Fest

Luckily, RTVE and the show’s producer have a plan. The organization has proposed three assumptions so that the galas can be broadcast, despite the fact that a artist is infected with covid at the Benidorm Fest. The first scenario that Televisión Española proposes is that if a participant tested positive for coronavirus, after carrying out the first rehearsal it would be recorded and broadcast during the fala instead of performing live. The second scenario would be if there had been no rehearsal and there was a video clip, the performance would be replaced by the official video of the song. Lastly, if the artist cannot perform in the Benidorm Fest and it doesn’t have a video clip either, the song will be played with a montage of images and photographs.

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