Friday, January 28

Tanya Roberts’ representative rectifies and affirms that she is still alive

Tanya Roberts, en "A view to a kill".

Tanya Roberts, en “A view to a kill”.

The representative of Tanya Roberts, who claimed on Sunday that the American actress had died At 65, he rectified this Monday and assured that the Bond girl from “A View to a Kill” (1985) still alive.

Mike Pinged is Roberts’s manager and is at the center of this extravagant situation alongside Lance O’Brien, who is the artist’s boyfriend.

Pinged assured US media such as The Hollywood Reporter or TMZ on Sunday that the actress had died in Los Angeles (USA), where she was admitted to a hospital since she fainted on the street on December 24 while walking her dogs. But, this Monday, the representative backed off in a surprising way.

“So yeah, this morning around 10 … the hospital called to say she’s still alive, although it does not look good. Hopefully we will have information (soon). It’s puzzling, “Pinged told The Hollywood Reporter.

The representative said that confirmation of Roberts’ death had reached him on Sunday through Lance O’Brien, the actress’s boyfriend. Another surreal detail of this unfortunate confusion featured O’Brien, who learned this Monday in the middle of a conversation with the CBS “Inside Edition” program that his girlfriend had not died. “Now are you telling me she’s alive?” The asked in a phone call that had interrupted the interview. “Oh, thank God (…). The hospital tells me she’s alive. They call me from the Intensive Care Unit,” she later clarified to the journalist, unable to hold back her tears.

For now, no more details of the actress’s state of health are known, although it has been ruled out that her problems have to do with the coronavirus.

Roberts, whose original name is Victoria Leigh Blum, was born in New York in 1955. The artist tried her hand as a model and also in advertising before finding a place as an actress.

The small screen was his first home, since Roberts, after several small roles in television series and films, was selected as one of the three protagonists of the fifth and final season of “Charlie’s Angels” (1976-1981).

Roberts could not prevent the end of that famous series, but his career continued to rise until he achieved what is probably the great role of his career: the role of Bond girl in “A View to a Kill”. Directed by John Glen, this film was Roger Moore’s last as Bond before handing over the baton for Agent 007 to actor Timothy Dalton. “A View to a Kill” also featured Christopher Walken and Grace Jones in its cast.

Roberts’ filmography also includes other films such as “The Beastmaster” (1982) or “Sheena” (1984). His last prominent role so far was on television thanks to the series “That ’70s Show” (1998-2004).

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