Thursday, September 28

Target Announces Last-Minute Deals on Thousands of Gifts Dec. 19-25

An online survey conducted by Civic Science for Target revealed that 9 out of 10 shoppers have yet to shop for the holiday season, so the retailer launched new offers that will be available from December 19 to 25 and that consumers can buy in stores and online until the last moment.

Target announced that customers can place their orders through the free same-day delivery services Drive Up and Order Pickup until 6 pm on December 24.

“We know that this it’s a particularly busy time for our customers“Whether they’re getting ready for the holiday get-togethers or still looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones,” said Mark Schindele, CEO of Stores, Target.

And to make shopping easier and avoid the stress of last minute shopping, the retailer remembers that customers can shop in store, online or through the Target app and receive them the same day, without the need for membership.

Last-minute deals Target will offer its customers include:

– Up to a 50% discount on some toys

– Up to a 50% discount on video games

– Up to 20% discount on televisions and up to 40% discount on home theater accessories

– 20% discount on some boots and cold accessories for women and men

– Up to 45% discount on some kitchen appliances and cooking supplies

For the ones customers can use same day delivery services and shop in stores until the last minute on Christmas Eve, Target suggests:

– Place your orders with the free Order Pickup or Drive Up services before 6 pm on Friday, December 24 and collect your items in a couple of hours, without the need for delivery times. Customers can check the hours of their local store here.

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– Place orders with same day delivery through Shipt and get your orders as soon as in an hour, with a final delivery period of 5 to 6 pm on December 24. Deliveries are free for Shipt members or $ 9.99 per order for customers without a Shipt membership.

– With 75% of the US population within 10 miles of a Target store, customers can shop at one of the more than 1,900 Target stores until the last minute.

Most stores will close at 8pm on December 24 and will reopen at their regular time on December 26

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