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Taste the best fish and seafood on its terrace in Elche

Pescados Alfredo Granados is a family business with a long professional career.

Pescados Alfredo Granados is a family business with a long professional career.

Fish Alfredo Granados is a family business, with a long professional career that began in the central market of Elche by its founder, Alfredo Granados placeholder image, a true professional that he has managed to combine his experience as well as his wisdom in relation to the field of the fish industry to be able to fulfill all his objectives.

Thanks to his know-how and knowledge, he has achieved the growth of a solid company, qualified at the highest levels and guaranteed. Pescados Alfredo Granados, currently operates with the Lonjas de Calpe, Santa Pola, Jávea and Dénia, which allows to obtain the best quality-price in the territory, being able to provide the client with a great variety of fish and shellfish on a daily basis, both indigenous and foreign to Spanish territory.

In Elche, you can find them in The fish shop, in Porta de la Morera street; in the Stalls 3 and 4 of the Food Market and in the position 27 of the Central Market.

The main focus of the company Pescados Alfredo Granados is on people. As stated by the company: «we are fishmongers and we bring healthy nutrition to homes, to the best restaurants, to fishmongers in Elche and throughout Spain. The sea is our home and taking care of it is our highest commitment». But it is not the only one: sustainability, the security, the rigorous hygiene, the freshness and the quality They are also fundamental pillars of this firm that always seeks excellence.

Fish Alfredo Granados supplies “ultra-fresh” products of the best quality every day

All the variety of the market

Fish Alfredo Granados supplies the best quality “ultra-fresh” products every day, mainly from independent fishing. “We offer more than 150 different products throughout the year at our posts, “they say.

Between the fish You can find: hake, monkfish, turbot, cod, sole, San Pedro rooster, sea bass, grouper, sea bream, anchovy, northern bonito, bluefin tuna, sardine, elver or salmon. And between the seafood: clams, octopus, crab, spider crab, Norway lobster, red shrimp, white shrimp, shrimp, lobster, lobster, crab, scallops, shrimp, oysters, mussels, barnacles … and much more! «Our goal is to make you discover and cook fish and other marine products like you have never imagined before.

You can enjoy the authentic freshness of the sea in its stores and also online through its website:

Fish Alfredo Granados has made a leap from food to gastronomy with «La Terraza de la Pescadería

The terrace of the Pescadería, a new concept of restoration

And if you can’t wait until you get home to enjoy the best delicatessen from sea, Fish Alfredo Granados has made a leap from food to gastronomy with “The Terrace of the Fishmonger”, a new innovative concept that merges all the freshness of the product just brought from the sea with the restoration at unbeatable prices: «From the sea to your table».

Located on Calle Porta de la Morera, 5 (next to La Pescadería), you can reserve your table on the terrace now by calling the phone 686 97 39 96 The through its website.

Fish Logo Alfredo Granados

More information

  • Fish Alfredo Granados

The fishmonger has different locations and points of sale in Elche and in the province of Alicante, you can check them all, as well as their schedules, in the web.

  • The Terrace of the Fishmonger

Carrer Porta de la Morera, 5, Elche

Tel: 686 97 39 96

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