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Taxi drivers and restaurant workers are now eligible to be vaccinated in New York

The restaurant workers and New York taxi drivers They are now eligible for the coronavirus vaccine if local governments can “arrange and administer the number of vaccines allocated,” Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday, while confirming a 20% increase in drug supplies by the federal government in the coming weeks.

After a call with the White House, the state president, who chairs the National Association of Governors, announced that the supply of the new drugs will increase over the next three weeks, compared to the initial increase in 16 percent.

Private pharmacies in the state that are charged with prioritizing the population over 65 will now receive an additional 10 percent, or about 30,000 doses, directly from the federal government.

Given the overall increase in state supply, the governor is giving localities the flexibility to add workers from restaurants, taxi drivers and also people with disabilities from development to vaccine prioritization group 1B.

“We are in a race on foot to vaccinate the entire eligible population while keeping the infection rate low. We move heaven and earth to manage as many doses as possible, but worldwide we are experiencing great demand and scarce quantities of the vaccine “, he concluded.

The governor had a change of mind a day after saying the State couldn’t afford to make any additions to the vaccine eligibility list due to a lack of supplies, and hours after Mayor Bill de Blasio asked it to include restaurant workers, before the imminent resumption of the interior dining room to 25 percent of its capacity.

Priority: who missed appointments

After confirming that the fiercest storm to hit the Big Apple In five years it did not cause human and material damage, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that for this Wednesday the reopening of school buildings and the restart of the vaccination days against COVID-19. Also for this Tuesday, from 3:00 pm, the restaurants that go back to food service in outdoor areas.

Additionally, spokespersons for the New York City Department of Health (DOHMH) reiterated that who missed their appointment this Monday or Tuesday due to the weather contingency, they will receive through the data provided such as telephone or email, options for a new date, which will speed up the immunization process.

“We are working to accelerate as much as possible than doses reach New Yorkers who apply and even more so with the challenge of rescheduling the day of these days off, with the support of staff at more than 80 languages ​​”, Specified Dr. Dave Chokchi, DOHMH Commissioner.

Based on the logistics plan of the City, a new appointment is not processed, until the vaccine has been given to all the people who have had to be rescheduled, in some cases, for the low availability of the incoulations.

We know it’s annoying but our commitment to you is that we will get you a place before allowing other people, who have not yet made an appointment, to reserve a place, “said Michel Katz, president of the NYC Healths + Hospitals corporation.

They will have facilities

For his part, Governor Andrew Cuomo also insisted that at state-run immunization sites, people who missed their appointments because of the emergency, will have facilities and priorities in the programming.

“I don’t want anyone to think after everything they went through, The torture of getting an assignment that will not be honored. We will comply, and that is an order from the State, whether it is a city site, a private site or whoever is executing it, ”the governor said.

For those who have a conflict with the rescheduled date and times Or that they simply do not receive information about the new appointment, they should contact the provider or the center where the drug would originally be administered by phone.

Thousands of NY restaurant and bar workers now join vaccination prioritization group 1B. (Photo: Getty Images)

We need more vaccines!

Mayor De Blasio considered it pertinent to coordinate with the state government that restaurant workers be included in the first vaccination group as well as the other essential workers, two weeks after the reopening of the interior service of the restaurants and when the curve of infections and hospitalizations for COVID-19 continues to flatten in the Big Apple.

“Obviously there is a supply issue that we must overcome. It frustrates us too much that even when we have the ability to carry the arm of 500,000 New Yorkers per week this protection, we do not have the drug. We have promoted that our restaurant workers, also have that possibility right now, “insisted the municipal president.

According to official data, state healthcare distribution sites have used the 90 percent of all first doses administered to date, while New York City has administered 89 percent of all first doses.

The City has around 75,000 first doses available and they will likely sell out quickly once the sites reopen 100% this Wednesday.

Marches, caravans and protests had already pressed for vaccinations for wheel workers. (Photo: F. Martínez)

First reactions

Reactions to the extension of the vaccination plan were immediate. Bhairavi Desai, executive director of the ‘New York Taxi Workers Alliance’ (NYTWA) ensures that the measure announced by the authorities gives relief to its 25,000 affiliates.

“It is positive to know that Governor Cuomo has corrected the gross negligence in which drivers, a majority of workers with low wages, immigrants and people of color, they were treated as second-class citizens and ignored in the first launch of the vaccines, despite the inclusion of all other transport workers, ”Desai said.

Vaccines and COVID-19 in NYC

823,670 doses of vaccines against COVID-19 have been administered in New York City as of this Tuesday.

1,554,450 doses has received the state of New York so far.

91% of this total inoculations have been administered.

206 patients with complications associated with COVID-19 hospitalized in the Big Apple this Tuesday, the lowest number in the last two weeks.

8,2% is the rate of infections in the moving average of the last seven days.

4,589 new cases daily on average in the same period of time.

How and where to get vaccinated?

  • All people over 65 years of age or those eligible to be vaccinated in groups 1A and 1B have two ways to find out how and where to get vaccinated, and to make an appointment: the telephone line 877-VAX-4NYC and the website
  • In New York State, you can use the “Am I eligible ”and for verify your eligibility and schedule.
  • New York State also has a vaccination hotline that you can call to schedule a vaccination: 1-833-NYS-4VAX (1-833-697-4829).

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