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Tea and gargle with salt water, North Korea’s remedies against coronavirus

  • According to the official news agency, the number of citizens “with a fever” rises to 2.24 million

  • The decreed quarantine has not stopped activity in factories and the countryside, where the rice planting season has begun

In North Koreaa sort of contemporary court of miracles, something so improbable had not been heard since that double Rainbow who greeted the birth of Kim Jong Il. The official press assured this Thursday that the epidemic had taken “a favorable turn” and added this Friday that the measures were achieving “good results.” Measurements include a lot tea Y gargling with salt water.

The announcement from the KCNA, the official agency, accompanied the daily count of cases. Are 2.24 million North Koreans “with fever”, that is, one in ten. The deaths rise to 56 but the figures require a considerable act of faith because the error, the lack of analysis, and a probable handling that goes beyond the makeup to use. The recognition of the pandemic and the tsunami of cases is, even with everything, countercultural in a country that has not yet revealed how many deaths left by the famines of the 1990s. Experts speculate that efforts to sweep it under the rug would have been futile and may have spurred popular discontent. The very low number of deaths published, on the other hand, suggests that their response is effective.

Global alarms sounded as soon as Pyongyang confirmed its first case last Thursday. The UN has warned of the “devastating consequences” and the World Health Organization (WHO) fears that uncontrolled outbreak emerge new and more deadly variants. There are plenty of reasons for concern: a unvaccinated populationan poor hospital system and the stubborn rejection of offers of help.

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Traditional medicine

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Faced with this bleak picture, North Korea offers some more reasonable solutions than others. On the one hand he has sent three cargo planes to China, which suggests that he has finally accepted external help. He has also ordered his factories to mass-produce syringes, thermometers and other medical supplies. And, on the other, it has presented the traditional medicine as “effective in the prevention and cure of the malicious disease”. the official newspaper, Rodong Simmunrecommended yesterday to patients “with a fever” that they drink hot drinks such as ginger and honeysuckle tea. Also that they gargle with salt water and for this purpose it has arrived in Pyongyang a thousand tons of salt. The remedies, at best, can reduce sore throats and coughs and relieve pain, but there is no medical proof of their effectiveness against the pandemic. The recommendation of antibiotics, indicated for bacteria and useless against viruses. These days the national press shows neighbors thanking traditional remedies for their freshness.

North Korea has ordered a national quarantine which, however, has not stopped activity in its tracks. “Even under the maximum emergency situation against the pandemic, normal production is maintained in key industrial sectors and large infrastructure projects,” the KCNA reported. Satellite images confirm the hustle and bustle in factories and farmlands. The emergence of the coronavirus has coincided with the rice planting season and, with the country already in a severe food crisis, giving it up would lead to a scenario even more worrying than that of a pandemic without flanges.

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