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Teacher in Miami was accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student and is pregnant

It is the third similar case in Miami-Dade County of this type of case.

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A school teacher John I. Smith K-8 Center She was accused of having sex with a former student who was 15 years old and would have become pregnant after committing these acts, Doral authorities reported.

The spokesman for the Doral Police Department, Rey Valdés, declared that this Saturday morning the teacher Heiry Calvi, 41, managed to get out of jail Turner Guilford Knight (TGK) after posting bail after his arrest last Thursday.

Although speculation about Calvi’s pregnancy could point to the father would be the 15-year-old teenager, the woman has not given the researchers information about her pregnancy; neither the gestation time nor the fatherValdés said.

Calvi’s case represents the third in Miami-Dade County so far this month of sexual assault between teacher and student.

The charges against the 41-year-old woman were those of Lewd assault, electronic transmission to minors, illegal use of a communication device, child neglect, contribution to crime, and possession of a firearm in a school setting.

The firearm, according to the report, was found in his vehicle on October 8, and it was a 9mm Glock 43, loaded with a bullet. Calvi justified this possession of the weapon by saying that it belonged to her husband, and that it was always in the car.

The investigations into Calvi began in March of this year, and investigated his relationship with the student, an arrest report indicated. Likewise, the allegation in the case was reported after a student showed his classmates a video of the young man and the teacher having sex, police said.

“A minor does not have the legal authority to give consent, even if they say it is okay to do so. The responsibility lies with the adult “Valdés emphasized.

Traces on cell phone and credit card

The reports added that in a search on the student’s cell phone, photos of Calvi and him were found naked, with texts in which love phrases were said. They also found a teacher’s credit card that the child had used and an audio in which the young man is heard denying his relationship with Calvi.

“We must trust our children, but parents must always be vigilant and know what children are doing and who they hang out with and hang out with.”Valdés declared.

The statement on Calvi’s arrest indicated that he worked in el Miami-Dade County School District since 2001 and at the John I. Smith School he started since 2005. It was learned that before his arrest that he did not he had had a prior disciplinary record.

The bond that Calvi had to pay for his charges was $ 39,000 dollars, according to documents from the Miami Dade Department of Prisons.

With information from The Miami Herald

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