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“Teatro Soho”, absolute winner of the Copa del Rey Mapfre




The 39th edition of the Copa del Rey Mapfre ended, which has passed through the bay of Palma without pain or glory, with a low level in terms of quality of boats in the ORC (BMW) division and on which the fight has been focused. in five ships in class 1, in two units in class 2 and in three in class 3.

The absolute winners of this Copa del Rey Mapfre, which are determined by an average of the positions it has achieved and depending on the participating boats in its class, have been the Soho Theater, by Javier Banderas and Luis Doreste in those of compensated time and the G Spot, the Swan36 by Giancommo Serena, in the monotypes.

The winner of the queen class ORC 1 was the Hydra, by Fernando León with Pepe Ponce at the helm, which was enough to mark the Argentine From Now ON, by Fernando Chain during the last regatta to surpass him in a single point, enough to win the Copa del Rey Mapfre. Third was a blurred Rats on Fire, by Jorge Martínez Doreste and in fourth position, the Aifos of the Spanish Armada, which has been skippered by the King. Disappointing week of Estrella Damm, by Luis Martínez Doreste, to whom the choice of the boat has not accompanied him.

On the other hand, congratulate Aifos, who has skippered the King and who has carried out some worthy regattas so that the prevailing wind has not accompanied him on any day. The Spanish Armada, as always, a 10.

Flag Walk at ORC2

In the ORC 2 class I walk without palliative of the Soho Theater before the tantrum of the M8, which has done nothing more than protest without any basis and that the jury has only dismissed those protests. The Andalusians are light years away from the Valencians, who must be told that the Copa del Rey Mapfre is not won based on protests. Respect for the crew of Javier Banderas, a regular owner at this latitude, is unquestionable. They are: Pablo Ramón Gauna, Luis Doreste, Domingo Manrique, Ángel Medina, José Antonio Estebanez, Daniel Cuevas, Nicolás de Vigilis, Fernando Valderrama, Felipe Ruiz, Rafael Díaz Soria and Angel Medina Rodríguez.

When a boat is able to get seven points from an opponent that is behind it and is able to win five of six races disputed no matter how much the tantrum is transferred to the others, the victories are there. The Francés brothers protest the most honored sailor in Spanish sailing, Luis Doreste, respected all over the world less, apparently when the M8 is their rival. You have to learn more and protest less.

The Soho Theater has also been the absolute winner of the Fifth Centennial Trophy in homage to the Basque navigator from Guetaria, Juan Sebastián de Elcano. There is nothing. As if to protest him.

In ORC class 3, José Coello’s El Carmen from Cartagena won with more than six points of advantage over the Italian Scugnizza.

In IRC nobody has been able to with the TP 52 Alegre, by Sebastián Tenghage.


The Swan, which navigate in real time since they are monotypes, is divided into three classes. In the Swan50 the winner was the Earlybrird, in the Swan42 Club, Natalia, with the Spanish Nadir, by Pedro Vaquer in second position and the Pez de Abril, by José María Meseguer, third. In the Swan36 Club, the absolute winner of the monotypes and of its class was the Italian G Spot.

At the Mallorca Sotheby’s Women’s Cup, the exclusive female class of J80 has dominated from start to finish the Dorsia Covirán, by Marta Garrido. It was not an easy victory for Dorsia Covirán after the Copa del Rey Mapfre was complicated on the third day, after a boarding by Now 4 that caused the break of the stick when they fought for the lead. Even so, the Valencian crew did not give up and in 24 hours they managed to solve the problem and go out to the final phase as leaders.

In this second section of the Copa del Rey Mapfre, the Cosentino-Les Roches Group of the assemblers María Fiestas and Cristina Leyva won the first three rounds, with which Dorsia Covirán dropped to second place. But already on the second day of the finals, the Valencian Community boat, skippered by Marta Garrido, managed to regain the leadership that she did not abandon until the end, closing the last test of the Copa del Rey Mapfre with a first, to confirm this way the victory. In the Herbalife J70 class, victory of Let it Be, by Juan Calvo. A class to forget in this type of regattas.

It only remains to congratulate Gaspar Morey, PRO of the Copa del Rey Mapfre for the great organization that the regatta has had in the water. As always, Ariane Mainemare super congratulated by the Swan; Aida González, in the field of the ORC and IRC, and José Antonio Llabrés with the J80 and J70.

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