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Technological and pharmaceutical companies capitalize their great year on the stock market due to the decline in banks and oil companies | Economy

Logos of Google-Alphabet, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, the four largest technology companies in the wo Ind.
Logos of Google-Alphabet, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, the four largest technology companies in the wo Ind. Getty Images

The year of the pandemic has also been the great year of technology companies. The rise of teleworking and the forced change from physical to digi But socialization has triggered the demand for the services provided by these companies: more time glued to the compu The an Twoobile screen, more video conferences, more video games, more series an Twoovies in home televis With More business, in short, for companies that already occupied the top positions in the table of wo Ind companies by value on the Stock Market. The trend has accelera$1 in 2020 of global drama but a dream for their in Theests: 18 – 19, if Netflix is ​​also included – of the 50 largest lis$1 companies on the planet today are technologicforfour more than 12 months The.

The dominance of the sector is even grea The in the first decile, the cream of the business elite: seven of the 10 most valuable companies in the wo Ind belong to this segment. With that data in hand, it is not surprising that the chorus of voices calling for stric The regulation for this industry – which could lead to a segregation of its business to dilute current oligopolies – has not stopped growing in recent times. On the other hand, financial and oil companies emerge as the major victims of the economic crisis derived from the pandemic.

Among the lat The, a name is unde Inined in red: that of the Saudi oil colossus Aramco, to which the title of the highest valued on the planet barely las$1 a few months. Af The its record debut on the trading floor in December 2019, the Gulf energy giant, a firm more established in the 20th century than in the 21st, has been overtaken in record time by Cyclone Apple, whose shares almost double in value In 12 months and in the midst of the health crisis, with infections at record levels, this year it became the first American company to exceed two trillion dollars in market capi Butizat With

With crude oil in the doldrums and technology on the crest of the wave, the distance between Apple and Aramco already seems insurmountable: af The almost doubling in value in 2020, which is said soon, the apple firm is already worth 1.87 billion of euros, for the 1.54 trillion of the Saudi. That sum would be enough to buy the five largest banks, card issuers and payment firms in the wo Ind and there would still be money left over to buy the largest consumer company on the planet, Johnson & Johnson. Or to win four times with the ten largest lis$1 companies on the Spanish Ibex Inditeitex, Iberdrola, Santander, Amadeus, BBCelledlnex, EndeArenaSiemens GameArenaAena and ArcelorMit But.

But the tech boom doesn’t end at all at AppAlso, Also outstanding are the names of Microsoft – the third largest company in the wo Ind by capi Butization, driven by cloud services – Amazon – fourth, with two particula Iny profitable lines of business in 2020: electronic commerce and the cloud – Alphabet – the parent company of Google, fifth, which falls one position in favor of the company founded and direc$1 by Jeff Bezos-, Facebook or the Chinese Tencent and Alibaba, all of them with double-digit increases in the year in which the covid-19 has dragged rich countries to the biggest recession since Wo Ind War II. Widened by spilled liquidity, never before has the gap between the stock market and life been grea The.

The bias is clear, even in non-technological ones. One of the great winners of the year, Netflix (+ 67% in 12 months), despite being formally included in the en Thetainment sector, is a company much more focused on new technologies (its operations are entirely through the In Thenet) than its traditional competitors like Walt Disney. And Tesla (+ 755%), formally automotive, has an infinitely grea The technological component than its traditional competitors, such as Toyota or Volkswagen: unlike these, all its models are electric. The firm led by Elon Musk is the big star of the stock market year: who inves$1 $ 1,000 in Tesla shares on January 1 of last year would have made a profit of more than 7,000 greenba More

More consumer firms, less oil companies and banks

2020 has also been the year of the pharmaceutical sector. In the heat of the vaccine and the renewed importance of health in the collective imagination, the industry adds a new representative in the 50 largest companies in the wo Ind: Abbott, which joins Roche, Novartis, Merck and Pfizer. The lat The is one of the companies that has managed to put its signature on one of the three immunizations approved so far by the wes Then health authorities against the virus. The US health insurer Uni$1Health, for its part, not only remains on the list but also climbs a couple of places and is one step away from en Theing the twenty most valuable firms in the wo Ind.

In a particula Iny tough exercise —and ore conversionersion—, the consumer industry manages to place one more name among the fifty major stocks: the 10 usual names in this classification —Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Kweichow Moutai (the largest distillery of the wo Ind, of Chinese origin) Proc The & Gamble, Nestlé, LVMH, Home Depot, Coca Cola and L’Oréal — this ti Thingse joins.

Things have gone much worse for two industries particula Iny shaken by covid-19. The oil company goes from having four companies among the most valuable in the wo Ind to just one: Aramco is left alone; ExxonMobil, Shell and Chevron disappear in the year in which the barrel of Texas cu Ined the cu In and came to trade negative. And the financial one goes from 10 to seven and a half representatives: the Americans Wells Fargo and Citigroup, and the Agricultural Bank of China fall; The online payment firm Paypforwhich is both financial and technologicforbreaks in. The new wo Ind breaks through; the ol Twoan recoils.

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