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Telecommuting: an opportunity for a greener future | Because we only have one

Despite the fact that in its first days a whole work was required at an individual, collaborative and business level, the benefits of teleworking have pointed to an evident reality that has already crossed a kind of first line of adaptation, since the comfort of working from home, technological simplicity at the forefront and the demand to collaborate in a much more efficient and punctual way already encompasses a constant of our day to day, which has triggered certain reflections and debates at different levels, sustainability being one of the more important.

And although the first days of working from home a year ago pointed to less use of motorized vehicles, as well as a break from polluting emissions in factories, buildings and work centers, today the home office is proposing a new threshold of beneficial possibilities for the planet: can we help build a better future from home?

In this story, management, awareness and balance form essential concepts to understand teleworking as a sustainable opportunity, since although it has been translated into savings and benefits regarding cost and travel times (less polluting emissions, fewer auditory decibels), as well as a greater amount of time to spend with the family (less spending on food and outings), The gradual adaptation that teleworking has demanded has also represented an expense in furniture, a rethinking of the internet connection, as well as the acquisition of more and better technological equipment that facilitates remote connection and a fluid and constant communication system with our clients. companions and teams.

In addition, remote work has been time shared with the family, spaces and dynamics that in one way or another have also had an impact on mental health. All this represents a challenge in terms of the correct administration of our resources.

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Freedom and flexibility

Working from home has represented significant savings for some large corporations, as well as a range of opportunities around sustainability, since it is articulated through freedom and flexibility, allowing employees to solve and manage their work at their own pace. , complying in a timely manner.

If done in a fair, prudent and orderly manner, teleworking or home office can represent a vital area around sustainable development, for the benefit of workers, their companies and even the future of the planet. In Mexico, with the approval of the reform to the Federal Labor Law on June 20, 2020 in the Senate, teleworking was recognized as a form of work that has clear benefits for companies or agencies, workers and the environment, a proposal that was turned over to the Chamber of Deputies for review and discussion before the plenary session of the lower house. Precedent with which companies can use this modality with their human team, including some tax incentives as a benefit to promote its application.

From the reduction of the automobile and public transport, working from home is attractive within the strategies with a view to reducing carbon emissions and more spaces with clean air, where the use of more sustainable alternatives to transport like hybrid cars, electric cars, or even the bicycle can reinforce these benefits. Likewise, our personal finances could begin to present better scenarios and the administration of our time to carry out other activities may have more and new possibilities related to health, productivity, personal and / or family development. In short, a much more sustainable and balanced lifestyle.

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