Tuesday, November 28

Telefónica launches its great global innovation and talent hub

The president of Telefonica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, together with tennis player Rafa Nadal, at Fundación Telefónica.

The opening day of the event EnlightED on educational innovation, chaired this afternoon by King Felipe VI and with the presence of the Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, has been the framework chosen by the president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, to announce the launch of a Hub Innovation and Talent World Championship, which, according to company sources, constitutes “a very personal commitment of his to lead the new digital world.”

Distrito Telefónica will convert its 140,000 square meters into a network of smart buildings connected to each other to optimize the exchange of information and technology. The project, which will have the capacity to train 100,000 people each year in new digital skills, has a planned investment of 100 million euros until 2024, the year in which Telefónica will celebrate its centenary.

At the end of a conversation between the president of Telefónica and the tennis player Rafael Nadal, the monarch took the floor to ask “how to incorporate innovation and how to detect talent in our society”. Álvarez-Pallete assured that “the opportunity we have with the technological revolution is for talent to flourish” and advocated that “talent has the best innovation in order to advance.”

Álvarez-Pallete believes that “the future is present and is played in the field of innovation and talent, because that is where people’s lives are transformed. And Telefónica wants to redouble its commitment to the future and to people with the Global Innovation and Talent Hub ”.

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The initiative seeks to consolidate Telefónica as a leader in digitization. “Our commitment is to turn our own headquarters into a great nerve center where the leadership of Spain in the design and creation of the new digital world will be connected,” stressed Álvarez-Pallete.

A pioneering center

Telefónica’s objective is to create an innovative project with which to provide a global response to the needs of the digital society. “It will be the hub leader of the leading company ”, added Álvarez-Pallete.

The new center is called upon to act as a pole for attracting talent and will be a pioneer in terms of its concept and dimensions, which will reaffirm Telefónica as a benchmark in innovation and will place Spain at the world forefront in attracting and developing technology and high-end professionals. qualification.

The buildings of the Telefónica District will become a large interconnected center dedicated, mainly, to 5G technology, artificial intelligence, intelligent fiber optics, edge computing, the algorithms of deep learning, the ‘Internet of Things’, the cloud, cybersecurity and blockchain. Equipped with these technologies, it will be a center oriented “not only to envision the future, but to build it,” said the president of Telefónica.

The Hub will host, in its launch stage, some fifty top-level technological developments with experiences based on holographies, gamings, robots, connected cars, drones, state-of-the-art security and the latest advances in the so-called “hybrid classroom”.

The center will include disruptive projects such as Experience Tank, a center to share the latest technology, or the Wayra Laboratory, a platform that provides startups development in areas such as healthcare or industry.

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Innovation and talent “are key vectors for the progress and well-being of Spain, fundamental to reduce inequalities, create jobs and place our country at the forefront of a better, more sustainable, fairer and more inclusive world, where collaboration is the best competitive advantage ”, Álvarez-Pallete concluded.

The announcement was made during the opening ceremony of the fourth edition of Enlighted, the international forum for educational innovation promoted by Fundación Telefónica, IE University and South Summit.


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