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Television director and producer Tomás Summers dies at 76

Thomas Summers. / CR

Specialized in musical programs, varieties and humor, he was the discoverer of artists such as Chiquito de la Calzada, Paz Padilla, Manu Sánchez or Santi Rodríguez.


The academic, director, screenwriter and producer Tomás Summers has died this Saturday in Seville, his hometown, at the age of 76, as reported by the Academy of Television and Audiovisual Sciences and Arts of which he was a founding member. Specialized in musical programs, varieties and humor, he became a discoverer of comedians, bringing artists such as Chiquito de la Calzada, Paz Padilla, Manu Sánchez or Santi Rodríguez to fame.

The Television Academy adds to the pain and sadness at the loss of this “mythical and beloved professional” and has sent its deepest affection and support to his family, colleagues and friends in these sad moments.

Summers had a degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid (1961-1966), Civil Administration Technician from the Community of Madrid and had production studies at the Official School of Cinematography. His first collaboration on TVE was on the programs ‘Todo y Formula Todo’, writing and performing comedy pills together with Forges and his brother Guillermo Summers

After a period of different collaborations (in cinema, special television programs, advertising and the press), he leaves everything aside to dedicate himself only to television, creating and presiding over the production company Summers Producciones. His first prime-time program, ‘Saque Bola’ on Canal Sur in 1989, was a “genuine success” for two seasons.

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Multitude of programs

Since then, he has produced and directed the following programs on the regional channel: ‘Original y copia’, ‘Pata negra’, ‘Son laughter and tears’, ‘The four seasons’, ‘El Pica pica’, ‘El triquitraque’ , ‘Let’s do humor’, ‘the 2005 summer galas’, ‘the 10-year anniversary gala of Canal sur 2’, ‘Hand in hand with Manu’, ‘Hanging up with Manu’, ‘Let’s go, let’s go’ , ‘The senses of humor’, ‘Ofú’, ‘Original and Copla’ or ‘This is what there is’.

Also, for TVE ‘El burladero’ and ‘Mi vida es lo que importa’ (together with Guillermo Summers, Forges and P. García); and ‘This is not serious’, ‘Genius and figure’, ‘Temptation’, ‘El humor de Gala’, ‘The best of the good guys’, ‘Don’t let it fall’, ‘Thanks a million’, ‘Chiquito, you’re the greatest’, ‘the 1996 year-end gala’ and ‘Make a wish’ for Antena 3.

From the hand of Emilio Aragón ‘El informal’ (co-produced with Globomedia) and ‘El minute of glory’ for Telecinco. ‘Canta sings’, ‘Original and copy’ and ‘Póquer de reyes’ for Canal Nou.

The program ‘Genio y figura’ was awarded the TP de Oro for the best entertainment program and last Christmas, he directed the program ‘Sonríe es Navidad’ for Telemadrid.

He was currently president of the production company Summers Producciones.

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