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Ten children’s stories to encourage reading

Ten children’s stories to encourage reading

Books are an inexhaustible source of entertainment and learning that even the little ones in the house can enjoy. The sooner reading is introduced into their daily habits, the more benefits it will bring them, stimulating their creativity and intelligence. The short children’s stories they educate and teach the most basic values, making them a fantastic tool to get started in the world of letters.

We bring you a selection of the 10 best compilations of short children’s stories that the little ones will love.

1. My first short stories. 14 Stories of little Nené (Bruño)

Fourteen stories that follow the routine of little Nené: dressing, bathing, playing, going to bed. Ideal for the little ones to take their first steps with language.

My first short stories Bruño

2. Pictocuentos (Bruño)

Twelve stories with pictograms, excellent to start reading in the most enjoyable and simple way.

Pictocuentos Bruño

3. We are going to read short stories (Susaeta)

An illustrated book with eleven short stories that combines entertaining stories and an attractive design. Perfect for improving reading skills.

Let’s read short stories Susaeta

4. One more, please! Short stories a la carte (Bruño)

A magic wheel allows you to choose one of the stories in this book, where any child will find their favorite characters and settings.

One more please! Bruño

5. Short Bedtime Stories (Usborne Publishing)

A volume of eleven stories of animals complemented with illustrations, designed to accompany the little ones to bed.

Short stories to go to sleep Usborne

6. Nube (Alba Editorial)

A fantastic story by Glória Falcòn dedicated to the imaginary friends of the smallest of the house.

Cloud Alba Editorial

7. Five-minute stories (Anaya for children and adolescents)

Compilation of eight short stories that mix reality and fantasy in their stories.

Five minute stories Anaya

8. Short stories of the monsters of English (Bruño)

Ten fun short stories in English (with their translations also included) starring monsters that make learning another language easy and entertaining. The book is accompanied by a CD with narrations and special effects.

Short stories of English monsters Bruño

9. Doña Amelia’s patio (Editorial Alba)

A flock of sparrows and a wooden clothespin are the stars of this nice adventure that will entertain the little ones.

Doña Amelia’s patio Alba Editorial

10. 365 1-Minute Bedtime Stories (Planet)

The book follows the adventures of Pancho, Bety, Boing and Filón during every day of a year in 365 comics that are read in one minute.

365 1-Minute Bedtime Stories Planet

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