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Ten clandestine graves were found in the Mexican state of Morelos

Forensics unearth coffins of people not identified or claimed by their relatives, in the common grave of the San Rafael Municipal Pantheon in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

Forensics unearth coffins of people not identified or claimed by their relatives, in the common grave of the San Rafael Municipal Pantheon in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

Photo: HERIKA MARTINEZ / AFP / Getty Images

The Sixth National Brigade for the Search for Disappeared Persons worked in 13 municipalities in the state of Morelos for two weeks and found ten possible clandestine graves, as reported this Friday by several NGOs in a bulletin.

In a statement, associations such as the National Links Network or the VI National Search Brigade itself indicated that “ten important clandestine burial sites were found.”

In addition, they assured to achieve “the commitment of the authorities to continue with the proper processing of the irregular graves” in the central state of Morelos.

“The situation that the brigade found in Morelos shows that a much greater commitment is still needed from the authorities of the different levels of government to coordinate and fulfill their responsibilities, both in the search and in the investigation and identification”, stressed.

It indicated that the brigade itself “was forced to work without the necessary security conditions” for all its activities or axis of action.

What’s more, They asked that the right of families to participate in the corresponding processes be “fully” respected.

The brigade, which will complete its work on October 24, worked for two weeks in 13 municipalities in the state of Morelos: Jojutla, Huitzilac, Amacuzac, Yautepec, Cuautla, Temixco, Totolapan, Puente de Ixtla, Tetecala, Xochitepec, Cuernavaca and Yecapixtla.


Under a model of “integral intervention”, several lines of action were established, such as sensitization of the authorities, workshops and outreach in schools or contact with churches to accompany family members.

The field search axis is carried out in areas where, thanks to the so-called “peace mailbox” and social networks, anonymous information has been received on possible points where their relatives can be found, the text detailed.


The first positive finding was located in the municipality of Cuautla, where prior to the brigade, searches were carried out in the area.

The second week they worked in a sand mine in Mixtlalcingo, Yecapixtla municipality, where the families had eight positive findings in various clandestine graves, of which three are being processed by the Morelos State Prosecutor’s Office.

Along with the work area in Yecapixtla, a tenth discovery was obtained in what was used as a safe house (used by criminals).

“It is important to report that skeletal remains were found in an area that had already been processed by the prosecution, which shows irregularities by not having a correct removal of the fragments and evidence,” they reported in the bulletin.

In addition, the brigade received information about a clandestine grave in the municipality of Jojutla that was previously processed by the State Prosecutor’s Office, and filed a complaint.

“The forensic identification axis supported the registration work in both the search in life and the search in the field. This information will be shared with groups of family members in order to be able to adequately follow up on all cases, ”the text indicated.


Another axis of action was the so-called “search in life”, which visited four social reintegration centers, where families requested information to find the whereabouts of their loved ones.

“In the Atlacholoaya State Center for Social Reintegration there were indications of three possible positives, which the brigade will follow up,” he said.

Mexico suffers a severe crisis with more than 93,000 missing persons without locating since 1964, the year in which the records began, although the vast majority occurred after 2007, with the beginning of the so-called war on drug trafficking under the Government of Felipe Calderón (2006- 2012).


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