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Ten dead are left in an SUV in the center of Zacatecas

Mexico City



Violence continues to prevail with Mexico and specifically, once again, with the Zacatecas state, located in the central north of the Mesoamerican country and a Obligatory passage of drug trafficking networks that operate in the area to take their merchandise to the United States. At 5:30 on Three Kings Day a sports SUV, a gray Mazda CX-3 model, was abandoned in the vicinity of the Government Palace of the city of Zacatecas with ten bodies inside whose bodies were apparently “beaten and injured.” according to institutional sources. The Zacatecas Prosecutor’s Office notified that the victims are eight men and two women between 18 and 45 years old whose autopsies indicate that they died of asphyxia due to strangulation. They were tied hand and foot.

The place of the discovery, as if it were a warning, occurred in the central square of this colonial town, exactly next to the Christmas tree that decorates it.

The Ministry of Public Safety and Citizen Protection (SSPC) has reported that the discovery was made possible by a call about the illegal parking of said vehicle “from which a man descended” that left the car to his fate. David Monreal, governor of Zacatecas and belonging to Morena -the presidential party-, warned that since the alert was given, an attempt has been made to arrest those responsible for what has been coordinated with the aforementioned SSPC, the Mesa de Paz (an institution that seeks to advance in security) and the State Attorney General’s Office that join forces to solve the case. In a second subsequent video that he shared on Twitter, the highest authority in Zacatecas, announced the capture of the suspects without giving information on the name or number of those involved in crime. The political office of this Mexican state, of 1.6 million citizens, said that the challenge of insecurity “is a national issue.”

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Monreal attributed the wave of violence that the state that governs is experiencing to an inheritance that the federal entity has suffered “for more than 40 years.” He argued that “little by little we will reverse this situation” with the Zacatecas II Plan announced by President López Obrador on November 25 and that “has been working,” in his words. This plan provided 5,000 troops between the army and the National Guard in the area whose territory is disputed by the organized gangs to pass the merchandise. A deployment more than necessary since at least municipalities do not have any officer of the security forces and bodies, after the resignation due to the murder of their companions.

Even so, 20 days after the promulgation of these regulations to achieve peace, ten people were executed, another seven were kidnapped and two houses were set on fire. To this must be added an armed confrontation between rival groups without the authorities reporting the number of deaths. And is that Zacatecas has suffered a wave of violence like the ten hanging bodies, in mid-November, which they found from a bridge near the capital of the same name. More than 34,410 murders occurred in Mexico last year, 4.1% less than the previous year, with 3,462 women killed violently.

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