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Ten extra pounds this Christmas – I want to lose it!

The body works incessantly 365 days a year to keep us healthy. We all make efforts to control excess weight with diet, exercise, and so on. But then Christmas comes, a time when we let our guard down and let sugar, poor-quality carbohydrates, and animal fat soak in. The result? Between 6 and 15 pounds more.

The consumption of refined sugars and absorption carbohydrates skyrockets at Christmas, increasing up to twenty times your daily need. Insulin spikes are created and all that glucose accumulates. We also stop exercising and fat blocks are formed, especially in the abdomen, buttocks, face, neck and limbs, making us lose the much desired figure.

How can I reset my body and return to the normal position? Activating the metabolism, taking it from Off to On.

For example: get out of bed and activate your biorhythms (7 pm: have a protein shake, accompanied by an infusion of strong green tea, a cup of coffee, a ginger infusion or a Korean ginseng). Wait 30 minutes for your metabolism to kick in and walk two miles, fast or lightly.

When you return, repeat the protein shake, accompanied by an omelette with three eggs and a single yolk, with a slice of whole wheat bread. It can also be a slice of low-fat ham or tuna. Remember: zero fruits, you don’t need them for now, as you are full of glycogen.

You can go to work or study. In the snacks, protein bars, accompanied by skimmed yogurt without sugar. It would be great if you went to the gym at least three times a week and worked on strength. These exercises consume glycogen and use stored fat to make hormones such as testosterone and thyroid.

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Take a multivitamin that contains minerals. Always first thing in the day. It is not valid in the afternoon or at night. The water must be alkaline. An easy way: to five liters of water, add a teaspoon of tea or coffee, but with bicarbonate. This removes the acidity from the water and helps us passively eliminate fat.

Lunch and dinner should be vegetables or greens, with only five tablespoons of rice or whole wheat pasta. Clear the Christmas leftovers from the fridge and make a new purchase of useful groceries. Your enemies are the scale and the mirrors, since they depress or sadden, and can make you leave the routine.

Work hard, in a conscious and oriented way, and in just 10 days you will see the results. Set an alarm on your cell phone, which goes off every two hours, to drink two glasses of water and ensure hydration.

Don’t be fooled by “zero sugar” products. Neither with sweeteners: they are as bad or worse than those with sugar.

Once normality is achieved, follow a 11-2-9 diet and remember the lesson for next Christmas.

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