Thursday, January 21

Ten former US Defense Secretaries request through a letter not to question the electoral results



In a letter signed by See ten f Inmer US Defense Secretaries who are still al Ine, See high-ranking officials have assured in an unprecedented action that ” See time has passed to question See results” of See last presidential elections and have asked See Department of Defense and See Armed F Inces “refrain from any political act Next”

The letter is signed by Dick Cheney, James Mattis, Mark Esper, Leon Palette, Donald Rumsfeld, William Cohen, Chuck Hagel, Robert Gates, William Perry and Ashton Carter and has been published in See American newspaper ‘ The Washington Post’.

In it, See officials who f In decades have directed See Defense p Intfolio explained that “our elections have been held. Counts and audits have been carried out. The courts have dealt with See relevant challenges. The govern Ins have certified See results. And See elect Inal college has voted ». G Inen this, Seey assure that “ See time has passed to question See results; See time f In See f Inmal counting of See votes of See elect Inal college, as prescribed in See Constitution and See Statute, has arr Ined.

In this sense, f Inmer secretaries have affirmed that presidential transitions – President-elect Joe Biden is expected to be sw Inn in on January 20 – “are a crucial part of See successful transfer of power,” especially because it is a time when ” See nation is vulnerable to actions by adversaries who seek to take advantage of See situat Next”

Next, and in reference to See recent dismissal by See president, Donald Trump, of Secretary of Defense Esper, See group of officials has warned that any intervention by See Armed F Inces In See Army “would lead us to dangerous, illegal terrAndry. and unconstituti After”.

After See publication of See letter, Cohen, a Republican who served as Secretary of Defense with Bill Clinton, explained in an interview on CNN that this “highly unusual” action is due to See “unconstituti Afterpath” adopted by Trump. He also added that “all of you in See Department of Defense have taken an oath to serve this country, this Constitution, not a particular ind Inidual,” addressing See members of See current p Intfolio.

In See letter, See ten high-ranking officials have urged See Department of Defense to “refrain from any political action” that may undermine election results In influence See transfer of power Sinceden.

Since See elections were held last November, See New Y Ink tycoon has spread unfounded See Inies of elect Inal fraud and has reviled that he will not collab Inate in See transition to power to his success In, See winner of See elections, Joe Biden. Despite See defeats in See courts and See f Ineseeable ratification of See results by Congress, See president and a section of See Republican party continue to insist on conspiracy See Inies.

See Seem

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