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Ten hamburgers with Extremaduran flavor

The hamburger is in fashion. Its inventors could never have imagined that this fillet of minced meat, slice of cheese and sweet bread would become a whim hundreds of years after its creation, a gourmet dish, an exquisite gift to be taken to the palate. Our chefs have succumbed to the overwhelming logic: if Extremadura has excellent meat, why not use it for hamburgers?

Thus, we have traveled the region from end to end, following the recommendations of our hamburger experts, and we are in a position to affirm that automatically associating the word hamburger with the concept of ‘fast food’ is a mistake. Come with us and discover
ten hamburgers with Extremaduran flavorwhich are made with selected meats, are prepared with care and slowness and are eaten with pleasure, taste and delight.

We start with three establishments that, according to what they have opened –and they have done so recently– have revolutionized the city in which they are located: Mérida, Badajoz and Plasencia. We are talking about Barbarossa, Moma and Macadamia, respectively. None of them have resisted incorporating a good hamburger in their recently released menus.

In Barbarossa they are devotees of Extremaduran veal. They offer entrecôte, sirloin, chop, tomahawks… And also a huge hamburger. You have to go to the gym to lift it, since
the meat alone weighs 250 grams. They dress it with egg, a little breadcrumbs (gluten-free to make it suitable for celiacs), ginger, white pepper and salt. But the craftsmanship does not end there: it is their own chefs who make the bread in the restaurant, from kneading to baking. It is a milk bread, brioche style, with sesame on top and a bit of tomato sauce in the dough, which gives it a pinkish hue. Inside it has Extremaduran goat cheese, marinated Swedish cucumber, lettuce and tomato chutney. A sad and lonely hamburger, without fries, borders on capital sin, so Barbarossa goes to heaven with a side of Canarian potato, roasted, fried and sautéed with a little sage butter.

On the other hand, Moma only opened a couple of months ago, but there are few people who have not been or have already heard about this Badajoz restaurant. Responsible for this is its modern aesthetic, its first-class products and its menu, which, in addition to being extensive and varied, is striking due to the names of its dishes. His hamburger, called ‘Alcahuete y farraguas, has it all’, consists of a piece of meat with 75% beef and 25% Iberian pork. This mixture has a light seasoning of salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce (also known as Perrins sauce) and a touch of butter, which gives it an extra smoothness. They mark it on the grill and finish it in the Josper oven with oak firewood. This fills the steak with earthy, country, smoky flavor. To give even more presence of Extremadura to the bite,
the bread is made with 80% acorn flour. Inside it, in addition to the meat, is a traditional vegetable stir-fry with a lot of tomato and a lot of grandmother’s flavor (slightly reminiscent of tomato soup), pickles and semi-creamy melted cheese. In short: American cuisine in Extremadura style.

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In Plasencia, Macadamia uses 50% beef and 50% pork for its gourmet burger.
Bring a special dressing with capers, pickles, brandy, white wine, pepper, salt and stewed onion, all minced but noticeable when you sink your teeth into it. Mounted on brioche bread, they are accompanied by a slice of edam cheese, tomato, lettuce, crispy bacon and barbecue sauce. To round it off, chips and aioli sauce, all homemade.

Brandy, wine… the hamburgers that we present here are not the typical dish that is handy for children. Rather, it is a delight only suitable for adults, like the El Almirez burger, which arrives at the table loaded with foie gras. In fact,
Luscinda Alonso-Iglesias, cook and owner of this business in Hervás, explains that some time ago she had the hamburger on the menu for the little ones in the house, but parents asked for it more, so she decided to stand out by adding duck liver. Her recipe uses acorn-fed Iberian feathers and 40% veal. So that the feather is not distorted, she does not season the meat too much. Just a little salt, pepper, olive oil and nutmeg. He cooks it on the grill and places it on onions with a reduction of Port, lettuce and tomato. On top, the already mentioned generous foie shavings.

Iberian hamburgers

That Monesterio ham is one of the best in the world is no secret. But can this Badajoz town become a world power in hamburgers? Let’s see…

The Los Templarios restaurant has on its menu a
Iberian acorn-fed hamburger, from pigs raised in freedom in the meadow of Monesterio. It is normal that, having such a heritage, they take full advantage of it. It has a classic seasoning: egg, parsley, salt and breadcrumbs. Inside: Torta del Casar, village ham, lettuce, tomato and fried onion. The glass-style bread is browned in the oven, while the chips are homemade and seasoned.

The Honky Tonk Taberna Extremeña burger is also very local and regional. It is made from Iberian lizard, that is, the meat between the ribs of the pig, which is very juicy. They chop it and dress it with old mustard, poached onion, salt, pepper and garlic. Once the balls of meat (200 grams) are weighed, they are marked in the pan, cooked at a low temperature and finished on the grill and in the oven to give them an implicit smoky touch.
Three processes to get the most out of first division meat. And it is that in this tavern everything revolves around the Iberian pig, although they do not forget other elements of the Extremadura dehesa: mushrooms, game meat, goat, retinto… In addition, they work with local producers. In fact, all the wines they have are from the land and come directly from the cellar. But, going back to the hamburger, when biting into it, the diner will receive a flavor cocktail, since it also has a Barros cake, ham, lettuce and tomato. The bread is made specifically for this dish in a village bakery and is a hybrid between ciabatta bread and glass bread.

Well yes, we conclude that Monesterio is a power in everything that has pork and that hamburgers have gone from the junk food section to market cuisine. Who also incorporates, whenever he can, the Iberian in his elaborations is
Mayan Dew, the chef at La Taberna de Noa. Its hamburger is from the IGP Ternera de Extremadura denomination and hardly has any dressings. But, on top of the fillet, the chef spreads pulled pork or shredded pork. They are their famous Iberian cheeks, seasoned with many spices. It also has goat roll, lettuce and caramelized onion with honey from Las Hurdes. The bread is brioche type and, in her eagerness to surprise the diner, Rocío accompanies the piece with yucca or fried sweet potato.

The magic of eating a hamburger under a retro tapestry

Voodoo’s burgers are spectacular, but Voodoo itself is special. Eighties music, specialty beers, neon lights, flamingo tapestries… Here there are no plastic pots hanging from the ceiling or decorations with golden tones, but authenticity reigns. If your place is like this, what will your hamburgers be like? Equal or better. One of the most successful has aged beef, lamb’s lettuce, smoked bacon and pasteurized Torta del Casar cream. We don’t know if the secret is in the dough, in the meat, or in the fact that the hands that make this hamburger are aware that they are making their dream come true.
Christina of Augustine She has been passionate about this hamburger business for 14 years. However, when she was eight years old, she was given a toy hamburger shop. “It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever had and I’ve dreamed of building a burger all my life,” she confesses. For something in Voodoo there is a large jar in which she says: ‘Here you dream and come true’. They say that whoever has a very strong desire and throws it inside, she ends up fulfilling it…

35 Burger has recently participated in the second edition of the hamburger championship, which rewards the best in Spain. And she has come with a badge under her arm, since
its Special hamburger has been named the best in all of Extremadura. However, today we highlight its hamburger with Denomination of Origin. It is a lamb meat endorsed by Corderex. Lovers of this animal will be able to taste it in many restaurants in the region, but it is not easy to make it in the form of a burger. This Extremaduran franchise makes it possible in Mérida, since the Badajoz establishment has recently closed. The burger in question is accompanied with cream cheese, a smooth mayonnaise, a couple of tomato slices and freshly fried onion rings, which make it very crispy.

Finally, beyond our borders, but within the friendly territory that is La Raya, is Craft BBS, a hamburger restaurant in Vila Viçosa, Portugal. Its Iberian pork burger stands out, which can be paired with its craft beers. They have up to seven different taps. Bon Appetite!


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