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Ten novels translated into Spanish highlighted in 2020

A young woman inspects the shelves of a bookstore in Valencia

A young woman inspects the shelves of a bookstore in Valencia
J. M. López

Historical events or dystopias, family conflicts, loves and misadventures cross the pages of these ten outstanding books translated into Spanish that have been published in 2020 and that have accompanied readers in the year that is ending.

‘Say nothing’ “by Patrick Radden Keefe (Reservoir Books)

A awarded chronicle on the Northern Irish conflict This begins with an incident that occurred in December 1972, when several hooded men kidnapped Jean McConville, a 38-year-old widow with ten dependent children, in a Catholic neighborhood in Belfast. Everyone sensed that it was a retaliation from the IRA, but no one dared to say so because of the terror that prevailed in the hottest time of the conflict.

‘Our unexpected brothers’, by Amin Maalouf (Editorial Alliance)

Searching in fiction for the hope that he does not find in reality, the Lebanese writer recounts in this novel a mysterious episode in which the world escapes disaster and recovers the philosophy of ancient Greece.

‘The Nickel Boys’, by Colson Whitehead, (Random House Literature)

Based on the shocking real case of a Florida reformatory Running for more than a century and wrecking the lives of thousands of children, this novel tells the story of Elwood Curtis, a promising black teenager who, in the 1960s, ended up in reformatory due to a misunderstanding.

‘The Peasant King’, by Andrea Camilleri (Destino)

One of the favorite works of the late Camilleri, written entirely in Sicilian as a tribute to the language and its different dialects and in which he tells how for six days, a humble peasant was king of a small Sicilian town.

La Flor, from Mary Karr (Includes nature ‘)

After ‘The Liars’ Club’ (2017) and ‘Iluminada’ (2019), this third novel by Mary Karr completes what is considered to be one of the best memoirs of American narrative of all time and that is a love letter to adolescence.

‘Anyone Love’, by Jane Smiley (Sixth Floor)

Twenty years ago, the Kinsella were, on the surface, an idyllic and happy family. Overnight, Rachel’s husband sold the house they lived in and took the five children abroad without her.

‘The lying life of adults’, by Elena Ferrante (Lumen)

X-ray of the secrets of a bourgeois family in the Naples of the 90s, the last novel about the growth and family of Ferrante, pseudonym of an author whose identity remains a mystery.

‘The hours’, by Michael Cunningham (Tusquets)

Three women are torn between loneliness and love of beauty and life in three periods of the 20th century with the common thread of the novel ‘Mrs. Dalloway’ by Virginia Woolf.

‘The hummingbird’, by Sandro Veronesi (Anagram)

Winner of the last Strega Prize, this novel tells the story of Marco and a whole series of misfortunes and blows of fate that he will face without losing heart.

‘The Terranauts’, by TC Boyle (Impedimenta)

Newly arrived in the Arizona desert in 1994, Los Terranautas, a group of eight scientists (four men and four women), volunteer as part of a successful ‘reality show’ broadcast worldwide, to be confined under a glass dome that pretends to be a prototype of a possible extraterrestrial colony.

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