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Ten things the 2021 Emmys shouldn’t forget

Un drama: ‘The Crown’

Well, it is not that they are going to forget about this series: last year they dropped up to thirteen nominations. Its fifth season, also known as ‘The Diana and Carlos Show’, has also been one of the best. The team led by Peter Morgan it dealt with in all its complexity Diana Spencer’s (revelation Emma Corrin) transition from adolescent to royal princess, or her squabbles with a husband in love with another woman. Right now she is the favorite for best drama series in the predictions of ‘Variety’, from where they remind us of her great passage through the awards circuit: top awards at the Critics Choice, the Golden Globes and the SAGs.

A comedy: ‘Mythic Quest’

While there is a lot more talk of ‘Ted Lasso’, Apple TV + ‘s other flagship comedy is even better. This immersion in the interiors of a video game company, MQ Studios, has become in record time a classic of the work comedy, or “many people trapped in the same place, having to put up with each other”, as the subgenre in these pages Rob McElhenney (co-creator and protagonist). In Season 2, we saw the team tackle another content expansion (not without difficulties, of course) and learn more about the past of fantasy writer CW Longbottom.

A leading actress in a drama: Uzo Aduba

Uzo Aduba in the new ‘In therapy’. HBO

In its late fourth season, the legendary HBO series ‘In Therapy’ no longer stars Gabriel Byrne, but rather a torrential Aduba. The actress had already worked on stories about mental health (remember her Crazy Eyes from ‘Orange is the new black’), but here she is not a patient, but a guide. “Having someone like Uzo Aduba leading the cast, in the role of Dr. Brooke Taylor, allowed us a different perspective. It also helped us to open the idea of ​​what a therapist looks like and who they have or should have. access to therapy, “explained co-showrunner Joshua Allen.

Lead Drama Actor: Jack Dylan Grazer

After giving life to the young Eddie Kaspbrak from the diptych ‘It’ and before giving voice to Alberto from ‘Luca’, the promising actor was a rebellious teenager in ‘We are who we are’, another brilliant initiatory tale by Luca Guadagnino after ‘Call me by your name ‘. In the series, his character, Fraser, does not cope very well with moving from New York to a military base in Veneto because of the work of his two mothers, the newly elected Commander Sarah (Chloë Sevigny) and the doctor Maggie (Alice Braga). . But all is not bad: he is fascinated by Caitlin (Jordan Kristine Seamón), as absorbed in her own world as he is. Grazer had moments of ‘Cassavettian’ viscerality.

Lead Actress in Comedy: Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco, former Penny Hofstadter, could have lived off ‘Big Bang’ her entire life (she still earns an annual portion of reruns revenue), but she preferred to build a bespoke series and character. Produced by herself, ‘The flight attendant’ is a comedic thriller about a flight attendant inadvertently involved in a murder mystery – one committed by herself? The best of the series is undoubtedly Cuoco, capable of going from perfect comic timing to dramatic shock in a millisecond.

Lead Actor in Comedy: Jason Sudeikis

The Golden Globes already knew how to recognize (not everything is wrong) the little phenomenon ‘Ted Lasso’ giving the award of best comedy actor to Jason Sudeikis, secret (nothing secret) of the success of the series. The former ‘Saturday night live’ classic amuses and moves, and even inspires, like that college football coach from Kansas who happens to coach a British Premier League team. In the hot year of the pandemic, this inspiring man was a ‘coach’ not just for AFC Richmond, but for all of us. We love you, Ted.

A miniseries: ‘I could destroy you’

Some put their hands to the head when the Emmys did not recognize ‘I could destroy you’ last year, but the series was released outside the eligibility deadline: a week later, to be precise. (No, no, at the Golden Globes she was not nominated because the Globes are like that). This year, even more so after her triumph in the television BAFTAs (best series and best leading actress), she is called to make noise in the nominations. Its creator, Michaela Coel, he deserves everything: he has started from a personal event to elaborate a reflection of universal scope on rape, trauma and healing or almost.

A leading actress in a miniseries: Kate Winslet

Almost ten years after ‘Mildred Pierce’, Kate Winslet has returned to HBO with another character from three and six dimensions, Mare Sheehan, a Pennsylvania police detective who tries to solve crimes while dealing with a tragedy from the past that remains too long. Present. Everything is perfect in his interpretation: from the Delaware County accent to his body language, to that look only seemingly dull. You think of Mare and you cry.

A leading actor in a miniseries: Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor and ‘Halston’.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen McGregor do everything he’s capable of in one role: the charm offense; the dramatic viscerality, or saying it all, sometimes, doing almost nothing. He’s really hypnotic like designer Roy Halston Frowick, the subject of a bio-show with worse press than he deserves.

A soundtrack: ‘The Underground Railroad’

In the chilling but ultimately regenerating ‘The Underground Railroad’, director Barry Jenkins and composer Nicholas Britell cement a creative relationship that is already beginning to sound iconic. This must be his most experimental work, which is to say: soundscapes inspired by the sound of cicadas or the crackling of fire. Many landscapes, by the way: each state visited by the heroine, Cora (Thuso Mdube), had to have its own musical style. This is what is called a tour de force.

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