Monday, October 25

Tension upon arrival of the footballers’ bus

According to face-to-face sources, when the bus approached, the fans present took to the street to prevent the vehicle from passing. At that moment, a part of the entourage, who had arrived in the city an hour earlier by van, decided to call the police to alert them to what was happening and prevent them from going to adults. The same sources explain that the bus suffered continuous blows from the people gathered, visibly upset with the staff, who were rebuked from the road.

The driver, after asking to be cleared, made his way slowly and reached the roundabout in front of the Pedro Ferrándiz pavilion. There he waited parked for the police units to arrive. The first patrol appeared at the scene of the altercation within five minutes. Later, five other vehicles took the access gate to the stadium to guarantee the players get off the bus and their stay in the horse yard without serious consequences.

The agents created a cordon to keep the protesters away from the zero gate and allow, incidentally, that the footballers, once they collected their belongings, could return home in their own cars. They left the facilities one by one without serious incidents occurring in that interval. The sources consulted do not have evidence that the Police needed to use force to dissolve the protesters, although some Twitter accounts of fans present at the scene of the protest, denounced just the opposite, even spoke of an alleged charge.

An hour after the arrival of the blue and white expedition to Rico Pérez, and under a heavy downpour, the surroundings of the stadium regained calm. Before, throughout the afternoon, social networks were abuzz with Hercules-code emotions.

Tote’s breath

Many journalists and fans of the blue and white club showed their regret, mainly Twitter. Among them stood out that of a legend of the entity such as Tote, captain in the First and Second Division with 190 official matches and 30 goals as a blue and white. «To the fans of Hercules I send the biggest hug in the world. I’m very sorry, “wrote the former Madrid footballer.

Among the fans, messages from both Alicante and those displaced to Catalonia stood out. «Being from Hercules is living by a shield that makes you get up at 2 AM to visit Spain in the middle of the month of exams, having to study on a bus. That means, through thick and thin, always, ”Ainhoa ​​(@ ainhoars_30) tweeted. «I have been a Herculaneum for as long as I can remember and I will die a Herculaneum. That cannot be changed by anything or anyone ”, emphasized the journalist Toni Cabot, director of the Information Club.

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