Wednesday, March 29

Tesla receives new lawsuits for sexual harassment at one of its factories

The electric car company Tesla continues to generate controversy and now there are six women who Elon Musk’s company sued for fostering culture of sexual harassment.

The new lawsuits, which add up to eight in less than two months, were introduced by five women who work at the Fremont plant and another in Southern California.

The demands were presented to the Superior Court of California, in Alameda County.

Screaming and touching

The plaintiffs accuse their co-workers of doing lewd comments about their bodies or the way they dress, in addition to the fact that their behavior is abusive, to the extent of screaming and touching, according to the lawsuit filed by the six women, according to what was published by the Bloomberg site.

“Although Tesla publicly claims that it encourages a safe and respectful environment for your workers“The truth is that for years Tesla has subjected the women who work at its Fremont factory facilities to nightmarish conditions of rampant sexual harassment,” highlights each of the lawsuits filed against Tesla.

Woman wore baggy clothes

One of the plaintiffs assured in an interview with The Washington Post that given the harassment she suffers from her colleagues in the fremont plant, and that she has even had to dress in loose clothing so as not to mark the curves of her body and thus not receive harassing comments from the men who work with her.

The woman, whose name was not disclosed, assures that the sexual harassment she suffers from her colleagues reported it to Tesla’s human resources area, but that she did not receive the indicated support, since the only thing they did It was to change her area.

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The same situation was experienced by other women, indicates the applicant.

They total eight lawsuits in less than two months

These six sexual harassment lawsuits are in addition to the two filed last November against Tesla.
One of those two lawsuits was filed by Jessica Barraza who assured that the supervisors and managers of the Fremont plant have been aware of this “generalized culture of sexual harassment”, but are also directly involved with inappropriate behavior with the workers.

“Almost every day for three years, my co-workers and I were objectified, threatened, touched. I wanted to come to work, do my job, I felt degraded, humiliated and traumatized “Barraza declared to sitio The Verge.

The other woman who filed the lawsuit in November said she was subjected to “continuous and widespread” sexual harassment.

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