Tuesday, September 21

Texas begins detaining illegal immigrants who have just crossed the border as part of the state’s security plan

Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

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LOS ANGELES – Texas has officially begun detaining migrants who have just crossed the border as part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s border security plan, who said Friday that his state will not roll out the “red carpet” for the undocumented.

“Texas will not roll out the red carpet like the Administration (of President Joe) Biden,” said the Republican governor in a message on his Twitter account.

He added that “illegal immigrants caught crossing (the border) into Texas will be arrested and sent to jail. No more catch and release ”.

The message was accompanied by his intervention on Fox News about the implementation of his plan to arrest immigrants who cross the border for state infractions such as breaking and entering.

The governor stressed in the interview that he is putting an end in Texas to the policy known as “catch & release”, which allows authorities to release into the United States immigrants who violated immigration laws.

“The state of Texas is changing this policy; now it’s arrests and jail. When people (the undocumented) begin to learn this, they will stop crossing the Texas border, ”he warned.

The first three illegal immigrants arrested for trespassing on private property They were sent to the Val Verde County Jail last Wednesday, prosecutor Suzanne West’s office reported to local media.

Prosecutors for this border county, which includes the Del Rio sector, predicted about 50 migrant arrests per day, rising to 200 per day in August, The Texas Tribune reported.

The detained migrants were charged with breaking and entering. It is not yet clear what sentences the foreigners will have to serve and what will happen to them upon release.

Abbott god the order to arrest and charge migrants with minor crimes at the end of last May as part of his plan to reinforce border security amid criticism of President Biden’s government.

Declaration of emergency due to migratory flow

The governor signed a declaration of a state of emergency due to the increase in the migratory flow across the Texas border recorded in recent months.

The overwhelming arrival of immigrants does not seem to stop. In June, immigration authorities detained 188,829 undocumented immigrants at the southern border, bringing the total to more than a million so far this fiscal year, which began in October 2020.

In June there was an increase of 4.5% over the previous month’s figures, which had been a historical record of more than two decades.

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