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Texas doctor performed abortion despite controversial state law prohibiting it

The new legislation is a battleground for Biden to try to repeal it.

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A doctor in Texas recently revealed to have performed an abortion that violates the new state law prohibiting this practice after around six weeks pregnant, justifying that he should take care of the life of his patient.

Through an article published by the doctor Alan Braid on The Washington Post September 6, (five days after approval), wrote that he had provided an abortion to a woman who was in her first trimester, outside the new Texas boundaries.

Braid noted that during the year before abortion was recognized as a constitutional right in a landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision, he saw three teenagers die from illegal abortions.

Motivated by the new anti-abortion law that is legislating in the state, the doctor wrote in his article that “For me it is 1972 again.”

This doctor practiced as an obstetrician / gynecologist for more than four decades “Performing Pap tests, pelvic exams, and pregnancy screenings, delivering more than 10,000 babies, and providing abortion services at clinics I opened in Houston and San Antonio, and another in Oklahoma.”

He added to his writing that the new law that mandates in Texas under the name of SB 8, “closed about 80% of the abortion services we provide,” he said. The Hill.

This law, which is also under the name of “fetal heartbeat”, prohibits any abortion that is performed if cardiac activity is detected, something that can occur in the six weeks of pregnancy, without many women being aware that they will be able to give to light.

Although the law provides exceptions for emergencies, it does not do so in the case of rape or incest, and allows any citizen without direct involvement to present a lawsuit against a person who has performed or assisted in performing an abortion.

Given the knowledge of these consequences and that they could affect him before the law, Braid said he wants to make sure that Texas “He did not get away with it to prevent this blatantly institutional law from being passed”.

It also noted that its clinics are among the plaintiffs represented by the Center for Reproductive Rights in the federal lawsuit to abandon the ban on the practice of abortion in the state, and held that abortion it is an “essential part of medical care”.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden pledged to fight this law in Texas and launched a motion through the Justice Department requesting a preliminary injunction or a temporary restraining order to prevent the ban from being applied.

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