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Texas grandmother is considered a hero for saving a co-worker before being shot to death

Authorities said the robbery suspects fled in a Dodge Charger.

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A grandmother in Texas is being considered a heroine after being fatally shot by an assailant to protect her co-worker, according to police reports.

The woman identified as Robin Baucom, 59, who left behind three children and three grandchildren, and worked as a manager at the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain for 34 years, was inside the store early Saturday morning when two men got out of a Dodge Charger to carry out the assault, noted Star-Telegram.

An employee tried to get in when one of the assailants got out of the car and tried to steal her bag. Seeing that he was trying to steal it, Baucom ran to open the door and allow the worker to enter, pushing away the thief who tried to force his way in., according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

However, during the struggle, the assailant shot Baucon in the chest, causing her to be taken to a local hospital for surgery, but ended up dying, according to Mark Herman, a Harris County deputy.

“Our condolences go out to his family. It’s sad to think that these victims were just starting their day by working“, Sheriff González lamented.

Meanwhile, Baucom’s family stressed that she was a hero who tried to save a co-worker, and they want her to be remembered that way.

“He would have done anything in the world to protect his employees or any of us.“, declared Tina, daughter of Baucom, in statements to KTRK.

“When I was starting kindergarten, she started at Cracker Barrel part time. He bought me clothes for back to school, “added Tina. “It was supposed to be a couple of months. 34 years later, a headache and here we are”.

In statements collected by Fox 26 HoustonBaucom’s brother Billy Crumpton declared, “The greatest love a person can have is to lay down his life for another person, and that’s exactly what he did.”

“She was a protector. Not just with his family, but with those he worked with. She protected the workers and gave her life for it,” Crumpton added.

For its part, Cracker Barrel issued a statement in which it highlighted thate company is focused on supporting the Baucom family, their co-workers and local law enforcement as they deal with grieving the tragic loss of their manager, reported New York Post.

Sheriff González published surveillance images of the possible crime suspect, who stands out for wearing a black hoodie, pants and black shoes. The two assailants fled in the Dodge Charger.

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