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Texas man accused of murdering his wife after they both signed a life insurance policy

Christopher Michael Collins is accused of murdering his wife.

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The death of 46-year-old Yuan Liang has put her husband Christopher Michael Collins behind the ropes, 41, for the confusing statements he gave to the Texas police at the time, exposing his possible involvement in the crime.

After the events, the authorities limited themselves to making a conjecture about it and reported “Someone shot Liang in the head.”

As days go by Investigators have put an unexpected twist on the case, pointing out that Liang was murdered by her husband Collins and he has tried to implicate an intruder for the murder, but there is strong evidence that proves the opposite.

According to “Law & Crime” Surveillance footage, the new life insurance policy and suspicious contents inside a gym locker point to Christopher Michael Collins killing his wife.

It was through the official Twitter of Sheriff Ed Gonzalez that it was announced that thanks to the investigations of the case, the crime scene was known: “The initial scene seemed to be set, a great job of our homicide investigators to unravel this case). The victim identified as Yuan Lianf (46 years old) died of a gunshot wound to the head. The victim’s husband, Christopher Collis (41) has been ”.

This is how the facts happened

On November 18 Yuan Lianf called her husband Christopher Collis to tell him that someone was on his property, he did not get home quickly, despite having been just under 4 miles away, and it was the police who discovered the woman’s lifeless body; Collis told authorities that days ago a “suspect” invaded his property.

In a hearing the nonexistence of a forced entry to the place, there was no robbery or a fight, This alerted investigators who were able to verify that Collis did not check the remote camera in his home on the day of the crime.

Another act in which he fell into contradictions was that denied the investigators the existence of life insurance, when days ago the couple signed for an amount of $ 250,000.

In addition, the cameras of the gym where Collis was on the day of his wife’s death could be seen for only 5 minutes and in the same place and They found in the victim’s locker a handbag with her identification, cosmetics and cash.

The records of the place reveal that Yuan Lianf was in the gym on November 8 and he didn’t come back again, and site staff said they cleaned the item lockers on November 13.

KTRK reported that the authorities have disclosed that Yuan Lianf apparently put a bag over his head, a detail that is being used against Collis who is being held on $ 150,000 bond.

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