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Tezanos charges against Casado and Abascal and compares their speeches with those that led to fascism in the 1930s.


For the president of the CIS, his “habitual excesses”, “pronouncements” and “proclamations” are “inappropriate for educated, intelligent and constructive people”

Jos Flix Tezanos, in an appearance in Congress.NGEL NAVARRETE
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The president of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), Jos Flix Tezanos, has charged against the national leaders of the PP, Pablo Casado and Vox, Santiago Abascal, when comparing their speeches and arguments in the Congress of Deputies, with political messages of the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century that led to totalitarian regimes.

“If we get to the 20s and 30s of the twentieth century, the truth is that we could find ourselves with the same or very similar practices of excess and use of resources to hatred, infamy and aggressiveness. Something that ended up leading to where everyone we know he drove, “he noted in an article published in the December issue of the magazine Topics, directed by Tezanos himself, and collected by Europa Press.

Previously, in the same article, he has indicated that in the current “critical” moments there have been political reactions and behaviors that “from a rigorous and detached analytical perspective” can be classified as “pathologies”. “In the same way that Stalinism, National Socialisms and Fascisms of the 1930s were,” he pointed out.

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Tezanos has made reference to the speeches and arguments of leaders “such as Casado and Abascal” in the parliamentary debate that took place in Congress on November 10. Thus he has pointed out the “evident inadequacies of analysis and diagnosis” of both, and the “disqualifications, insults and analytical and estimating excesses” as well as some “Freudian lapses” that appear in his interventions.

Likewise, the president of the CIS has described Casado and Abascal as followers of the former president of the United States, Donald “Trump” and his adviser Steve “Bannon” and of the president of Brazil, Jair “Bolsonaro”. He has also indicated that his “habitual excesses”, “pronouncements” and “proclamations” are “unbecoming of educated, intelligent and constructive people”.

Along the same lines, Tezanos has warned of the importance of being aware of where “so many political excesses” can lead and of understanding what the “normalization” that is being done to them implies, when taking them as part of the “daily political routines”. “.

In spite of everything, Tezanos has indicated that “positive” political speeches have been present at the same time and concrete measures have been taken that have made it possible to face “with undoubted success” the pandemic.

Finally, he called for maintaining “coldness” and the capacity for understanding, especially among those closest to him, to prevent “minor” discrepancies from becoming “dissidents” and that these may have consequences for electoral support in the form of “punishment votes” by constituencies who, in his opinion, are “restless and overwhelmed” and who do not understand or approve of “short-haul” tactics.

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