Friday, February 3

Thailand shooting | At least 30 dead, including 23 children, in a nursery

A old cop has caused a slaughter in a thai nursery before committing suicide. Between the 34 fatalities there are 22 childrenthe police have reported, and a dozen injured, eight of them seriously. The agent, Panya Khamrabwent to a nursery in the city of Uthai Sawanlocated 500 kilometers to the northeast of bangkokat 12:10 PM (local time) with a knife Y Firearms. Their wifeits son and one pregnant teacher eight months are counted among the deceased.

“The man arrived at lunchtime and fired four or five shots at the teachers. People thought at first that they were fireworks,” described an official who worked in an office near the Reuters agency. ex-police then entered a room where the children slept and stabbed them, he added.

The Photographs hanging on the social networks show the children’s bodies covered by bloody sheets. The torrential rains that devastate the province of Nong Bua Lamphu explain why there were only about thirty children in the center today.

Fired for drug possession

The attacker fled in his vehicle, a white van, after the shooting. The Central Bureau of Investigation, which had distributed his photo to the social networkslater revealed on his Facebook page that he had committed suicide. Khamrab, 34, had been fired from the police force in June after being arrested six months earlier for drug possession.

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The massacre is reminiscent of the one caused two years ago by a 31 year old soldier in a Mall Two years ago. He killed 29 people and injured 58 before the police shot him down.

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Single Philippines surpasses Thailand in number of homicides with Firearms. Last year they counted six million guns, which reveals a proportion of one weapon for every ten inhabitants. But the local press has warned in recent months that in the country there are another four million unregistered weapons that the Thais acquire at a low price and without excessive problems on social networks.

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