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Thalía’s grandmother finally left the asylum where she was allegedly mistreated

After several weeks of uncertainty, concern and controversy, the grandmother of Thalia Y Laura Zapata, Eva Mange Márquez, is finally in the custody of his family.

This was announced by Zapata through a statement disseminated on his networks, where he explains that the asylum where the woman lived, Le Grand Senior Living, never noticed her deteriorated state of health.

“Regretting to know that the clinical summary delivered on discharge from the nursing home is completely wrong, since (Eva Mange) presents non-serious complications that were never noticed on the spot.

“The doctors who accompanied my grandmother in her transfer to the house realized what they never realized in the outgoing nursing home”explains the actress.

After graduating from Le Grand Senior Living, Thalía’s sister first transferred her grandmother to Hospital Angeles de Las Lomas to receive a detailed clinical analysis; later, he took her home.

“Upon arrival at the hospital, a pleural effusion was detected within the medical diagnosis; Despite her delicate health situation, the doctors authorize taking her home.

“I inform you that you will be under my care so that your health is established to one hundred”, Zapata pointed out.

Hours before, when she was still doing the paperwork for the discharge of Mrs. Márquez, the singer also assured on her Twitter that she had been held in the asylum against her will.

“Mr. Secretary Alejandro Ozuna Rivero, they have kidnapped me in my grandmother’s asylum. I ask for your help, “Zapata wrote on the social network, achieving almost three thousand” likes “and hundreds of supportive comments.

Without delving further into this alleged altercation, a short time later, an ambulance arrived at the asylum to transfer Márquez to the hospital.


Given this, Le Grand Senior Living issued a statement in which it ensures that the private nurse hired by Zapata was originally denounced as the probable person responsible for the injuries of the actresses’ grandmother.

“It was said nurse who carried out hygiene and health care, as well as attention to the basic needs of the resident and had the responsibility of informing the family member, the agency representative and the medical area of ​​Le Grand Senior Living about physical condition and other health details ”, explains the official letter of the institution.

“As a result of the complaint, the members of the medical area at Le Grand Senior Living assisted Mrs. Eva Mange Márquez at all times, in accordance with the guidelines for first medical contact that are available in this institution, preserving her health and safety. , being settled in medical records and notified to the competent authorities who are in charge of the respective investigation folder ”.

They also confirmed the discharge of Eva Mange, 103, on Monday, February 15, under the instructions and will of Laura Zapata, who was supported by an ambulance in charge of the DIF of Huixquilucan, State of Mexico.

In the letter, the asylum took the opportunity to report that the Office of the Government of the State of Mexico, with its entry into the property on January 26 to investigate the case, broke the quarantine of the residents.

According to the statement, the 53 inhabitants of Le Grand Senior Living had been for 330 days with zero cases of Covid-19, thanks to strict medical measures, as well as sanitation and isolation.

“The residents and their families came together to defend ‘their home’ and remain free of Covid-19, in an atmosphere of happiness, fraternity and affection that has always existed”, they pointed out.

Finally, the institution assured that on February 5, the authorities of the Prosecutor’s Office removed the Seals of Assurance from the property.

“There is no abuse or circumstance at Le Grand Senior Living that warrants protection of the elderly by any state agency.

“Today we continue to work and lift the spirits of the people who live in Le Grand Senior Living and who were emotionally affected by the situation they experienced.”

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