Wednesday, December 8

That Viper Project II (2014)

The riverbed, with the new channels, from the location of Las Clarisas to the Barrachina Bridge, already covered a length of 2,700 meters, twice the length of the first Víbora. The painting budgeted for this new length of journey was done in proportion to the previous expenses, without realizing that the painting, this time, was not going to be in the same hands! The goodwill of the subscribed artists, many of them without mural experience, treated the base of the mural with two and three coats of paint! So within days all the budgeted paint had been used up. Luckily the mayor immediately stepped out and put the friends of El Peix to make paint day and night. The cans of paint, with the colors shooting smoke, came jerkily. The solidarity of the artists and collaborators was incredible, a true sociological phenomenon, creating relationships and memories for a lifetime.

In 2014, at the time of the Víbora II Project, new technologies had advanced a lot compared to the previous Víbora and it has been very gratifying to have so many documentary friends who have given a perfect account of all the development of the works. The astonishing perspectives, from the bridges and slopes of the river, of hundreds of people painting at the same time, made up a wonderful spectacle whose images are still circulating around the world. Some of these videos are on the internet and reflect Elche as a city of reference for urban art, democratic art and relational and collaborative art. Interpreting the river bed as an artistic space that places the artists horizontally and not vertically. Claiming the need for art and artistic education. Highlight the commendable work of Professor Miguel Ors, from the Miguel Hernández University, in Elche, who sent us his Journalism students to inquire about the Viper Project in general and its relationship with the committed art of the Elche group Esbart Zero -Castillejos, Casto and Llorens- (1987-1999) and the extension of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Elche (1980), of a social nature, in the city. With his back to the conceptions of the «artist-genius».

These first weeks of August 2021 are the 30th anniversary of the first Viper Project (1991), a date that the snake keepers had in mind to honor that first artistic feat full of generosity and commitment. And remember the exciting epic of the second Viper Project II (2014), of such democratic consolidation and true love of art. As well as the planned implementation of the Viper III Project (2021). Actions impossible to carry out in these times of pandemic. On the other hand, according to the interesting ideas that have been being pronounced for the Vinalopó riverbed, it should be noted that the spirit of the Viper Project will always be able to adapt to any situation that arises. Not everything is going to be painting. The important thing will be to remember and maintain the symbolic status of this stretch of the river as a heroic place of art and artistic education for all. Go from here a greeting to all those involved Viper. To be continue…

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