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that’s how Alaba is, a canterano ‘in pectore’




Minute 32 of the classic. Memphis receives a ball in the crown of the area, but performs a poor control gripped by the presence of Alaba, who takes advantage of the irregular technical gesture of the Dutchman to recover the ball. Despite taking the ball 90 meters from Ter Stegen, the Austrian central, brave, already draws a powerful goal option in his head and throws himself vertically towards the rival goal, beating Depay, who ends up surrendering to Alaba’s stride and strength, and initiating a counterattack that, with the help from Vinicius and Rodrygo, he himself would culminate with a left foot with the instep as aesthetic as it is effective. There, Madrid began to win its fourth consecutive classic.

“Maybe a majority were surprised, but not their coach or the players. As that goal we will see many more of him », they explain from Valdebebas. Alaba is one of the footballers on the squad with the best ball hitting, a situation that he repeats daily in training sessions. He usually stays to practice shooting at goal after home every session. Sometimes with other teammates, but on many other occasions alone: ​​«He scores better goals than that of the Camp Nou», They reveal.


Alaba was born in Vienna on June 24, 1992. His parents arrived there at the end of the eighties. George, his father and also an agent, is of Nigerian origin and grew up in Ogere, in the royal family of this village located 55 kilometers from Lagos. He came to Vienna to study economics and exploded as a DJ, DJ Man, and in rap, having great success with ‘Two in one’, a duo of fame in the Central European country at the end of the last century and the beginning of the present one. Gina, her mother, became Miss Philippines before becoming a nurse. Rose May, her younger sister, also followed in her father’s footsteps in the world of music, and Alaba has shared her life for more than a decade with the German model Shalimar Heppner, also of Asian descent and the daughter of famed German chef Frank Heppner. They have a six-year-old son.

“He is the sensation of the dressing room this season,” they say at the club, delighted by his leadership and professionalism. Branded a perfectionist, he has won the hearts of colleagues and employees in record time. He seems like a youth squad who has nurtured the club’s values ​​since he was a child: “He has the Madrid crest engraved on his heart.” Its adaptation to Madrid and Spain it has also been as fast as the team. From the day you go to Spanish classes, which allows you to interact with your colleagues in training sessions and games in our language. He is very polite, believing and friendly, and his hierarchy on the green is transformed into calm and naturalness outside the playgrounds. In addition, it is common to see him in the fashionable shops and the most chic restaurants in the capital.

The commitment that Alaba is showing is reflected with his enormous impact on the team’s game, increasingly established in defense after a start to the season in which so much change between center and winger did not help him settle in the position that best performs. which is the one he was signed for. A commitment that he makes public game after game, writing messages in Spanish on his social networks in which he always uses a positive and constructive tone, the result does not matter, putting the accent on the group. A Madridismo more typical of captains and players raised in La Fábrica than of foreigners recently landed in Valdebebas. It was no coincidence that he was one of the first players in the squad to ask to visit the works of the Santiago Bernabéu, and to know in depth the state of the same and the details of a reform that faces its last twelve months: «His identification is absolute and admirable ».

From Munich, apart from 431 games with the Bayern shirt and 27 titles -including ten Bundesligas and two Champions League- he has also brought his passion for music, basketball and police investigation series. Alaba plays guitar and piano, likes to sing and DJ, and is addicted to the NBA. Here, he has also been seen in the Palace watching Madrid games. He is a youth squad ‘in pectore’.

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