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The 10 best nude beaches in Spain to visit this summer

If you had thought of retiring to a nice and quiet coastal zone where to enjoy the landscape and the clear water in your holidays, you can do it in the most remote and impressive places of the peninsula, but also with a different proposal, the practice of nudism.

As far-fetched as it sounds, the nudism or naturism It is a healthier way of life than one imagines. Why cover up if we don’t really need it? More and more people say goodbye to swimsuit and enjoy a splendid day at the beach as it came to the world. And is that practice nudism help to give up prejudices and complexes and accept yourself in a natural way, and of course, forget about the happy swimsuit brands on your skin, you can wear a Sun tanning perfectly uniform.

Whether you have done it before or not, we recommend you try it and where better than in the most seductive and exotic nudist beaches on the peninsula.

Torimbia beach, Llanes (Asturias)

Torimbia beach, Llanes (Asturias)

One of the most spectacular beaches in Llanes, where the white sand contrasts with the green of the mountains and the piercing blue of the sea, which can only be reached on foot. The Torimbia nudist beach In the town of Niembro, is also visited by non-nudist public, and known for the fabulous views from the viewpoint.

This small paradise of about 500 meters in length is within the ´Protected landscape of the eastern landscape´.

Roques Planes Beach, Calonge (Girona)

Roques Planes Beach, Calonge (Girona)

This small cove located in the Costa Brava It has hardly any sand, but it is made up of numerous large flat rocks where you can spread out your towel and rest comfortably. Although the swell is moderate, Roques Planes it is appropriate for activities such as fishing or diving as it is a rocky area.

The beach is a 15-minute walk from Sant Antoni de Calonge, accessible by the coastal path.

Es Coll Baix beach (Mallorca)

The secluded beach of Es Coll Baix, located to the north of the island, is a completely virgin area surrounded by large cliffs and crystalline waters. In addition, it is very little crowded so it is perfect to remain quiet, this being one of its main charms.

Es Coll Baix can be reached by boat, from the port of Alcudia, or by car, by road and finally, on foot along a perfectly indicated path.

Las Gaviotas beach (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Las Gaviotas beach (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

This space, shared by nudists and non-nudists, is made up of a narrow strip of black sand where you put where you stand you will be close to the water.

Although the beach is away from urban centers and tourist centers, it is advisable to go early to find a place and parking and enjoy a fantastic natural landscape.

Benalmádena Beach (Malaga)

In Benalmádena we can find the small Benalnatura beach. How much with showers, toilets, barbecue area, beach bar, etc. Its offer of services makes it always full.

Figueiras Beach, Cíes Islands (Pontevedra)

Figueiras Beach, Cíes Islands (Pontevedra)

The beach of Figueiras, also known as the Germans Beach, is the only one of the Cies Island in which nudism is practiced. The archipelago was declared Natural Park in 1980, and its very white sand, surrounded by vegetation, endows its coasts with an incomparable beauty.

The beach is to the left of the pier where the boats dock. To get there you must take a boat in the ‘Vigo Maritime Station ‘, with very frequent departures in summer time.

Es Cavallet beach (Ibiza)

Considered one of the best beaches in Ibiza, Es Cavallet It is a picturesque and natural beach with very fine sand and shallow blue waters in the first few meters.

The beach is located in the municipality of Josep de Sa Talaia, 10 kilometers from Ibiza, and is divided into several sections. The first is usually frequented by celebrities, the second is a nudist area and the third is the gay beach par excellence, but none is exclusive to one or the other and anyone can enjoy this magnificent natural setting on the island.

Cala del Amerador (Alicante)

This small beach is located in the surroundings of Alfàs. It has an extension that is around 300 meters long by about 7 meters wide. It is composed mainly of rocks and is surrounded by vegetation.

Calblanque Beach (Murcia)

Calblanque Beach (Murcia)

Located in the Regional Park of the same name, this natural beach is protected for its great landscape value. It is forty meters wide and 300 meters wide and is composed of fine golden sand where visitors will not be alone, although they will not find crowds either. A place to relax while still contemplating the beauty of the summer scene.

El Saler Beach (Valencia)

El Saler Beach (Valencia)

Considered one of the best beaches in Valencia, it stands out for its fine sand and its great extension. A beach that, despite being only 15 minutes by car from the city, is surrounded by a wonderful natural environment. A perfect place to enjoy the gentle breeze and escape from civilization without having to travel for hours and hours.


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