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The 10 best robot vacuum cleaners for the home

Roomba i3 + robot vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners are here to stay in every home. Having one at home makes room maintenance a much easier task. And, with the push of a button, everything is perfect.

Until not long ago, the user opted to choose between the Roomba or the Conga, but new models have appeared that perfectly compete with these two brands. In addition, consumers can choose between a cheap robot vacuum cleaner with basic configurations, but the power of the robot vacuum cleaner is excellent, although they lack features such as intelligent mapping. If you don’t know which one to choose, from Byte TI we have selected the 10 best robot vacuum cleaners for the home.

Here are the 10 best robot vacuum cleaners for the home on Amazon:

1. Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Mop Conga 8090 Ultra T

Total Surface 3.0 Technology to clean the entire surface area of ​​your home. If the robot runs out of battery, it automatically returns to the charging base by the fastest route, recharges the battery and goes back out to finish cleaning.

The robot is programmed with the iWater system with 3 scrubbing modes. Thanks to these you can scrub and mop any type of surface. The power of the robot vacuum cleaner is in the 10,000 Pascals of suction that manages to suck up any type of dirt in a single pass.

  • Price: 399,00
  • You can buy it by clicking HERE

2. iRobot Roomba S9+

logo recommended product jpegiRobot has over 30 years of experience in robotics and innovation and is one of the brands with a full suite of best robot vacuums. Clean exactly how, when and where the user needs. Imprint Smart Mapping lets you tell s9+ where and when to clean, while customizable exclusion zones let you tell it which areas to avoid.

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With vSLAM navigation, the s9+ learns the layout of your home and builds personal smart maps.

  • Price: 999,00
  • You can buy it by clicking HERE

3. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

logo recommended product jpegThe Japanese NIDEC brushless motor provides evenly powerful suction to effectively remove dirt and debris instantly. From tiny dust and hair to large crumbs and debris, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 cleans everything instantly, making it one of the best robot vacuum cleaners.

The new quad-core Cortex-A53 processor, combined with the VSLAM algorithm, provides increased processing power for real-time precise positioning and intelligent route planning.

  • Price: 229,59
  • You can buy it by clicking HERE


Netbot S40 can scrub and vacuum at the same time, since it has a 2-in-1 tank, which allows it to do these tasks simultaneously, cleaning your home in a single pass.

Brushless Copper DC Motors, they are much more durable and efficient than other electric motors. Connect your NETBOT S40 to your APP via Wi-Fi and put it to work even when you’re not home through Alexa and Google Home. The power of the robot vacuum cleaner is 4,000 pascals.

  • Price: 230,95
  • You can buy it by clicking HERE

5. iRobot Roomba i7156 Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum

logo recommended product jpegRoomba i7156 keeps the most used areas clean and avoids others. And it is that, for example, it can distinguish the kitchen from the living room thanks to its intelligent mapping.

Among the advantages that this machine provides and that places it among the best robot vacuum cleaners is the possibility of creating Cleaning Zones so that the robot cleans where the user wants it to clean, or Exclusion Zones to keep it away from those spaces where you prefer it to clean. don’t pass

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  • Price: 399,99
  • You can buy it by clicking HERE

6. Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner with Conga 2290 Self-Emptying Base

4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner: sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs the entire surface covered in an orderly and intelligent way with Wi-Fi and App. Includes Magnetic Strip and 8 modes of use. Jalisco brush for a complete cleaning.

The self-emptying base allows hygienic cleaning without the need for direct contact with dust and dirt. Includes the new SmartGyro 4.0 technology.

  • Price: 358,fifty
  • You can buy it by clicking HERE

7. Samsung Powerbot VR05R5050WK

logo recommended product jpegVacuum and wash in one go and save time. The 2-in-1 robot traps dust and dirt and effectively cleans the floor. Let your robot take care of your home without worrying about the battery. It has a long-lasting 3400 mAh battery. The Samsung model is among the best robot vacuum cleaners.

The Smart Sensing system includes a Gyro sensor that controls the robot’s movements, while an anti-collusion sensor slows down when it reaches corners. The power of the robot vacuum cleaner is maintained for 150 minutes.

  • Price: 247,09
  • You can buy it by clicking HERE

8. Rowenta Explorer Series 80 RR7747

It has a range of up to 120 minutes, with a noise level of 70 dB lower than that of a conversation.

The power of the robot vacuum cleaner is divided into three different ones: Eco, Standard, Boost for a convenient cleaning experience. In addition, the carpet recognition function automatically adjusts the performance of the device and its personalized mode will allow you to edit the map to establish prohibited areas, activate the cleaning of a specific area, or of more specific rooms.

  • Price: 330,99
  • You can buy it by clicking HERE
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9. Dreame D10 Plus Robot

Among the best robot vacuums, the DreameBot D10 Pus makes nearly hands-free self-cleaning easy to achieve. The tangle-free brush design and powerful suction make it a great choice for cleaning up pet hair. Clean more while cleaning less with the DreameBot D10 Plus.

  • Price: 399,90
  • You can buy it by clicking HERE

10. Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Mop Conga Eternal MAX X-Treme

logo recommended product jpegiTech Laser Eye: Smart navigation with a laser sensor that maps your home to plan an accurate and orderly route.

Interactive MultiMap: map your home for intelligent cleaning by areas, exact points, restrict zones…

4 IN 1: robot vacuum cleaner that sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs. Battery 2600 mAh: high autonomy, up to 110 minutes.

  • Price: 179,00
  • You can buy it by clicking HERE

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