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The 10 best-selling cars in renting in 2021

A quarter of the registrations registered in 2021 were from rental companies. What we want to know is what have been the most sought after models.

Contrary to what has happened with the general market, the results of the year that we have just closed have been on the rise for leasing companies. A quarter of the registrations have been thanks to this business; we want to know what they have been the best-selling cars in renting in 2021.

The Spanish Association of Vehicle Rental (AER) has presented the complete data (park, customers, registrations) of the evolution of renting in Spain in 2021. All are positive and these are the most relevant:

  • The registrations of this sector have been 260,834 units, which represents a growth of 24.64%, in relation to the end of 2020. With this data, the weight of leasing in total registrations in Spain stands at 25.27 %, compared to 20.35%, which monopolized in 2020.
  • The number of leasing clients it stands at 248,809 with an increase of 12.11% over 2020; that is, 26,873 more
  • Self-employed and individuals (what the Treasury calls “individuals”) are the main drivers of renting growth, both in terms of fleet and number of customers, to the point that they represent 51.61% of all customers
  • The small companies (with up to four vehicles) increased their rental fleet by 7.48% and their customers by 4.42%. Medium-sized companies registered an increase of 8.14%, in park and 7.30%, in number of clients. While the large company increases its rental vehicle fleet by 2.28% and its customers, by 6.17%
  • The billing of the sector in 2021 is 6,651.03 million euros, 11.51% more than in 2020.
  • Refering to investment in vehicle purchase stands at 5,623 million euros, 29.08% more than in 2020
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The best-selling cars for rent in 2021

By type of vehicle, passenger cars are the ones that have registered the most registrations in the leasing sector with a total of 216,427 units registered in 2021. They are followed by derivatives, vans and pick-ups, with 25,535 registrations; light commercial vehicles, with 15,782 units; and industrial vehicles of less than 3.5 tons, which have registered 2,412 units.

The models that have registered the most registrations in the renting market are:

Brand and model Variation accumulated 2021 over accumulated 2020
peugeot 3008 29.93%
Peugeot 2008 121.70%
nissan qashqai -13.71%
VW T Roc 81.88%
Renault Kangoo 20.24%
hyundai tucson 103.44%
Seat Leon -3.93%
vw polo 65%
renault clio 66.44%
Audi Q3

By brands, Peugeot has been the most demanded in the renting segment (with a growth of 32.77% compared to 2020). behind are volkswagen (6.46%), Renault (35.21%), Toyota (10.30%) and BMW (5.98%).

They complete the top ten of most demanded brands in renting seats (which has enrolled less than in 2020 with -0.05%); Mercedes (11.40%); Audi (-14.01%); citroen (-2.28%); and Ford (which has grown no less than 54.10%).

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