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The 10 homemade tricks that will change the way you use your mobile

It is clear that a smartphone and everything that revolves around it, from time to time surprise us with a new functionality, an app that performs a different task than what had been seen before and even a new component or accessory that aims to revolutionize its countryside.

But then there are different ways of using the terminal, which have nothing to do with the software, or the hardware, or the components, and less so with the accessories, but rather the way in which we interact with the mobile.

Some of these tricks are going to be very curious to you and that is why we have decided to tell you about them so that you can help your smartphone to get us to use it in a different way.

Homemade tricks for mobile:

Enhance an audio recording by covering the microphone

Ok, you may think about it and not make sense of it, but we are not referring to strongly covering the smartphone microphone, but to placing your finger lightly and without moving it.

If you get it background noise will be muffledallowing the main audio to arrive more clearly, although, yes, with a slightly lower volume.

It’s not that it’s exactly easy to get the point between not covering the microphone too much and covering it enough so that the background sound goes more unnoticed, making the audio recording clearer.

A silicone cord to hang the mobile

You can use a silicone cord to get to wear the smartphone around the neck all the time and safely.

We will use a silicone sheet or foam, which we can find in a craft store and even in bookstores. We’ll trace and then cut out so that it holds the phone smoothly.

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At that time we must use a hot glue gun to be able to hold the cord, making sure beforehand that it is really well made to hold the phone.

Once finished, we can wear it around our neck easily, simply and always within our reach.

Reduce charging time

If we have a terminal with a state-of-the-art fast charging system, this section will not help us much, since the speed we will have to recover the battery is already stunning.

But in the event that it is not a spectacular fast charge or that we simply do not have it, we can assign a trick to reduce the charging time.

Surely you have ever heard that a phone off charge faster, well, there is a way to recover battery faster without having to turn it off.

You just have to put it in airplane mode while it is charging, something that will considerably reduce the time it takes to complete autonomy.

Lock screen with contact details

This is necessary especially for people who are very clueless and it is not the first time that they forget the phone in a public place.

Simply, you have to change lock screen and place in it a alternate phone number (of a friend or relative) or an email where the person who finds it can contact us.

In this way, the person who comes across our terminal will have a way to return it, since, almost certainly, the smartphone will be blocked and entering it will be an impossible mission.

Shortcut for email address

Whenever we have to log in (or at least in many cases) in an app or web, we are asked to enter our email account and a password.

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it gets done enough tedious having to write our account over and over againthat is if we are not wrong and we have to start over, that the spell checker does not enter us, causing us to have to put them back or simply make a mistake,

To make all this easier, what we can do is create a keyboard shortcut and thus never again have any of the problems that we have listed.

Black background for OLED screens

All those who carry OLED type screens (AMOLED, Super AMOLED, Dynamic AMOLED, etc.) you should have the background of your Android in black.

The reason is as important as saving battery, since this type of panel is able to turn off pixels when screen is black.

Bottle and flashlight as emergency light

It may be that since you have a smartphone, you have not used a flashlight again, since all mobile phones have one, which makes it much more comfortable.

Well, thanks to the flashlight we can soften and disperse the light, placing your phone face down on a hard surface so that the flashlight is facing up, so that we can then cover it with a bottle of water. It will convert the light beam of our smartphone into an emergency light.

Old mobile in a cup

If we are one of those people who do not wake up with the mobile alarm and need something more powerful for the mornings, the solution is an old mobile and a cup.

It’s as simple as placing that mobile that we no longer usewith the alarm set to its maximum volume inside a cup or a glass.

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With that we get the sound is amplified by the echo and if at the same time that the alarm sounds, we have the vibration on, much better, since to the vibrate hits glass or ceramic And it makes even more noise.

Android Find My Phone Tool

In the event that our mobile is lost, the tool will always come in handy find my phonewhich is inside our phone.

We will can To see in a map where the phone is and when we are close we can even activate it so that sound the most (even if it was in silent mode) in order to find it with greater celebrity.

Glasses as support

If you don’t have a stand handy and you need the terminal to stay in a position with the screen facing us, you can wear sunglasses that you have at home and that you no longer use.

The folded glasses are a perfect support to hold a phone, something that will leave your hands free for what you need, since you will not have to hold the smartphone.

Surely with these tricks your way of seeing and working with your mobile will change, at least a little.

Tell us which one you liked the most or if you know of any that do not appear here on our social networks.

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