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The 10 technological products that you will not need anymore

These are the 10 technological products that you probably have in your home, but that you will not need more from now on due to technological advances.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it. In fact, homes are perfect museums in which to observe changing trends and technological advances.

Until a few years ago, homes were connected by landlines and today it is strange to even see one of these devices, everyone has a mobile phone and, above all, everyone has WhatsApp.

Being able to send an instant message to another person has put an end to these devices in homes, but it has not been the only device that has had to say goodbye. We have compiled the 10 technological products that you will not need anymore.

Landlines with answering machines

On the list of equipment that will no longer see the light of day are landlines and, above all, those that were combined with answering machines. These devices no longer have a place in homes due to mobile phones and instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram.


Yes, it’s a no-brainer. Typewriters have not been used by users in a real way for a long time, in fact, they are now more a decorative element than a piece of equipment meant to function. The end of these products has come and it is most likely that as time progresses they will end up disappearing even from the shelves.

phone booths

The mobile phone not only killed the landline phone, it also killed the telephone booths and it did so in an almost agonizing way. These spaces located on public roads were used to make calls to family, friends and even to notify work that an unforeseen event had arisen. Now they are nothing more than modern fossils.

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Photographic films or reels

The truth is that in this case there are two aspects and it is undeniable that digital cameras are the future and the present of photography. But analog is increasingly popular and, in fact, the editor behind these lines practices this photography and even series like Euphoria have been recorded in analog.

Beepers, pagers, pagers or pagers

These devices have not been part of people’s lives for several years, in fact, they are a piece that was the predecessor of mobile phones. And, it is that, these devices allowed to keep a person located and to be able to send messages as a method of communication.

cassette tapes

Before the CD, the cassette was king. This small plastic rectangle inside which minutes and minutes of music were housed was the most at the time. The CD came to unseat it completely and, nowadays, with online streaming platforms, the truth is that it no longer has a place in everyday life; It is a collector’s item.

Floppy disk

The cassette was not the only victim of the CD. Floppy disks also underwent modernization at their own hands and did so by disappearing altogether. These squares of information had their glorious years in the first era of computers, but after that they fell into the void and with the arrival of the USB their grave was sentenced.

portable music devices

Mobile phones came to cover different areas and one of them is entertainment. Having a rectangle in your pocket capable of playing movies, series, videos and music has made portable players disappear completely. In fact, Apple stopped releasing its famous iPods.

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As with cassettes and floppy disks, the CD too seems to have come to an end. In general, the sale of records is getting smaller and smaller numbers and only a small core of users continues to bet on this type of format. In fact, they usually make the jump to vinyl, which offers better nuances in their reproduction.

DVD players

The memory of going to the video store to rent a movie to then watch on the DVD player connected to the television is a memory that many of us treasure, but that can no longer be reproduced in the real world. Streaming content platforms have completely done away with these products that until recently populated the shelves of homes.

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