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The 100 most dangerous radars in Spain in this summer 2022 and their exact location

We are in the time with more road trips. The departure operation for August is just around the corner and half the country is in the process of planning trips. That is why it is important to know what radars are in our territory and which ones fine more.

In summer we all go on trips. It may be that we are going to Taiwan like Mazarrón. But the reality is what: road and kilometers ahead. Whether going to the airport to catch a plane or on the way to the beach, radars populate our roads.

The DGT has specific advice for all those who are going to take the car these weeks, because driving in summer is not the same as driving in winter, hence there are different precautions to take. Here is the guide of the good summer driver.

And, although it is not one of the most popular tips, running just right is important when it comes to not having an accidentyes This does not mean that we have to go slow on the road, but it does mean that we have to be careful when stepping on the accelerator.

For all those who are going to move around Spain these months, the information that we bring you today will come in handy: the speed cameras that fine the most in Spain as of today.

The important thing is that you have well located the Malaga, number 1 in Spain and which collects, on average, more than 3 million euros in fines per year. A real mine for the Administration. Here you have the 40 most fit radars in the country:

  1. Malaga: A-7 at km 246
  2. Valencia: AP-7 at km 478
  3. Madrid: A-4 at km 13
  4. Malaga: A-7 at km 256
  5. Seville: SE-30 at km 10
  6. Murcia: RM-19 at km 17
  7. Valencia: V-31 at km 5
  8. Cuenca: A-3 at km 156
  9. Madrid: AP-6 at km 49
  10. Madrid: M-40 at km 52
  11. Madrid: A-4 at km 12
  12. Madrid: A-5 at km 12
  13. Granada: A-92 at km 256
  14. Seville: A-92 at km 83
  15. Malaga: MA-20 at km 10
  16. A Coruña: AC-11 at km 3
  17. Castellón: N-340 at km 960
  18. Balearic Islands: MA-1 at km 15
  19. Madrid: A-2 at km 15
  20. Salamanca: A-66 at km 340
  21. Valencia: A-7 at km 337
  22. Seville: A-92 at km 29
  23. Navarre: A-15 at km 127
  24. Alicante: N-332 at km 140
  25. Ciudad Real: A-4 at km 135
  26. Huesca: N-240 at km 202
  27. Lugo: A-8 at km 545
  28. Balearic Islands: EI-600 at km 9
  29. Las Palmas: GC-1 at km 5
  30. Pontevedra: A-55 at km 9
  31. Seville: A-49 at km 0
  32. Alicante: A-70 at km 2
  33. Pontevedra: A-55 at km 11
  34. La Rioja: AP-68 at km 78
  35. Segovia: A-1 at km 125
  36. Malaga: A-45 at km 128
  37. Cantabria: A-8 at km 144
  38. Santa Cruz de Tenerife: TF-1 at km 59
  39. Burgos: A-1 at km 234
  40. Ciudad Real: A-4 at km 230

For those who want to know the other 60, here is an article with the exact location of 60 Velolaser radars, a type of modern radar that is really dangerous for light drivers.

They are radars of just 50 cm that are placed in certain elements in which there are usually no radarsand therefore go unnoticed. They have 4G technology and in this way they can be controlled from anywhere.

This summer drive carefully and at the permitted speed, it is the best advice we can give you.

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