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The 12 best Tiktokers to learn while having fun

A large percentage of TikTok’s audience are young people between the ages of 16 and 24, and although much of the content created by users is humorous or focuses on current trends, it is not the only thing that can be found on the platform. .

Social networks have entered our lives, helping millions of people around the world to earn money by creating and sharing content.

Although Instagram and TikTok, as the main social networks today, are essentially focused on entertainment and fun, Some accounts have the mission of enlightening their followers with useful information on various topics such as health, exercise, science or languages.

Besides, It should be noted that educational and informative content is highly valued today by the public and is experiencing a boom that is reflected in its numbers. Their authors, both teachers, professionals and amateurs, strive to make them interesting and attractive.


So you can download videos without watermark on TikTok

Those who manage to accomplish this task get millions of followers overnight and that reverts into a great financial reward.

here we leave you several of the most popular and recognized influencers who publish educational content surprising of different themes:

Alvaro Fernandez @farmaceuticofernandez

You don’t need to follow him in the application, since I’m sure you’ve missed a video of his more than once. Alvaro Fernandez is a pharmacist who works in Alcalá de Henares and has almost 1 million followers on TiKTok.

Its content, how could it be otherwise, about health, He provides us with little tips, dismantles hoaxes and tells us the occasional funny anecdote. It is the perfect content to learn in less than 30 seconds.

Pablo Cabezali @dinendoconpablo

Fans of food and discovering new places will already be familiar with YouTube. We talk about the most popular food influencer in Spain with more than 300 restaurants visited and 1,857 dishes tasted.

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Well, Pablo Cabezali also has a TikTok account, where He shows us new restaurants in which he tries the entire menu and gives us his impressions in a short version and sometimes with exclusive content that we cannot see in the full videos.

Sergio Peinado @sergiopeinadotrainer

Sergio Peinado is one of the most popular trainers on YouTube in our country. On his channel he already has almost 3 million subscribers and thanks to his FuetaFit training systemhas managed to succeed in other applications such as TikTok.

He is without a doubt the most recognized phytoker (which is how this type of sports-themed creators are known) in Spain and through his videos He teaches us simple training and feeding routines.

Alba Vilches @albavilchess

This tiktoker, despite appearing on this social network, is member of the HR team of an international company as recognized as TripAdvisor, so you know what you’re talking about.

His account, which has been active for just over a year, is the perfect corner if you want improve your resume or you don’t know what to expect in your next job interview. “Many people have seen that their work situation can get worse or that it is time to change or look for something better, and they try to find content that helps them”account for El Confidencial.

TikTok signs up for augmented reality and anyone can create their own effects

TikTok signs up for augmented reality and anyone can create their own effects

Angeles Fernandez @anhele_yeah

With almost 300,000 followers and around 10 million likes, Ángeles Fernández is the perfect tiktoker if you like learn more about great women of the past and their contributions to our lives, often relegated to the background.

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It is currently considered one of the disseminators of history with the greatest projection and influence on this platform.

Koke @1Datin

As its name suggests, in each video we are going to be able to discover a “date”, a little piece of information that, almost certainly, we did not know before. Its creator, called Jorge (Koke), is going to tell us about a endless themes, from cars to history.

yes, everything in less than 30 seconds. It is the ultimate expression of getting to the point.

Adrian Garcia @elfisicobarbudo

We go into the immense world of science with Adrián Garcíagraduated in physics, with a master’s degree in interdisciplinary and complex systems physics, through your sympathy, It is going to transmit us all kinds of curiosities and data about, how could it be otherwise, complex physics.

The Bearded Physicist is his personal project, with which he intends to disseminate science through this medium in which he considers that there should be room for everything, not just trends. “I try to put physics even in the music”he states in one of his podcasts.

Andres Millan @Lawtips

As with the pharmacist Fernández, surely more than once you have found the lawyer Andrés Millán giving you small tips on current issues applied to your field.

Thousands of queries come to him through this social network and he gradually solves them in his short videos, in a very educational and simple way.


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Jorge Angel @enfermerojorgeangel

We return with another viral tiktoker in our country. Jorge Ángel is already almost our favorite family doctor, although this one is a nurse and has completely revolutionized social networks.

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He started on TikTok in the first months of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus and focuses on answering questions from his followers and teaching us some health techniques or first aid, such as treating a burn or preparing an injection.

Fernando Miralles @fermiralles

Fernando Miralles is the latest entertaining disclosure tiktoker that has risen to fame and in a seemingly boring and little-known field: oratory.

He is a trainer in this field and in communication and through his business plan he is going to give us advice (while he teaches his students and corrects them) on how to speak in public, what to do if you go blank or how you should use your hands.

Robbie V @letsspeakenglish

He is a native English teacher who teaches from Santander with his videos recorded with an iPhone. With 1.4 million followers, it is probably the most recognized in Spain.

Via small quizzes, pronunciation lessons or colloquial expressionsthis very nice teacher seeks to reach thousands of people and what better than TikTok to achieve it.

“I spend a lot of time creating content, 3 hours a day. I choose a theme, develop a script, record the video and then edit it. It’s a luxury to have so many followers because they leave many comments on the videos and give me ideas for new content”he explains in an interview for MarketingNews.

ComputerHoy @computerhoy

Last but not least, our TikTok account. In it you will find advice, reviews of the latest mobile phones on the market or 1-minute summaries of trends like the metaverse or NFT games, so you can briefly understand what they are about.

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