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The 12 funniest Alexa skills that will always make you smile

Alexa skills are features that can be added to the assistant and that have been created by third parties. It is something like if they were applications that we install in Alexa, so that additions are incorporated.

Thanks to these apps, what we are going to do is expand what Alexa can do with other different tasks, among which are new features, as well as games.

The moment we assign a skill, it will be automatically shared with all devices that have Alexa built-in, another good advantage.

We can have kitchen applications, environmental sounds, new alarms, weather app, educational, home, music or for fun, such as games, joke applications or the like.

Now we are going to see a series of skills that are going to make us smile at least because they are really fun.

Fun skills:

laughing panda

With this skils what we are going to hear is the laugh of a babysomething that is extremely contagious and that will surely make that same gesture appear on your face.

It is a very simple addition, but extremely effective to get us at least a smile. It’s in English, but it’s not a problem.

Skill: Landing Panda

make me happy

By translating the title “Make me happy” you are already giving a clue as to where the directions of this skill can go.

It is a series of short sounds of laughter where we can experience the laughter of children, as well as funny special sound effectsall of them destined to make us smile and therefore to make us a little happier.

The developer promises to incorporate new sounds so that we can have even more fun.

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Skill: make me happy

A Satisfying Sound

It is a skill full of sounds of different capacities and for different people, since some have calming effectothers are very refreshing and we will even have those who will try to make us smile and even laugh.

It will play one of these sounds every time you ask Alexa to open this add-on. We will have examples of the sound such as that of a champagne cork opening, some birds singing, the waves on the beach, the purr of a cat and others dedicated exclusively for fun.

Skill: A Satisfying Sound

fortune cookie

If you have ever been to a oriental restaurant and gave you a fortune cookieyou are always curious to know what the future holds.

Well, this skill performs the same task, since we will have a fortune cookie a day for us.

We can listen to our fortune at any time, many of them are oriental sayings to learn to live better. It even works in the Alexa apps for Android and iOS.

Saddle: fortune cookie

Good jokes

This time what this skill will do is tell you a series of jokesaccording to its developers, all of them of quality and good to make you laugh again and again.

To activate it, you just have to say “Alexa, open Good Jokes” and from there it will be when you start hearing all kinds of jokes. there is of multiple themesalthough you can ask him to tell you about a specific genre, for example, doctors or masons.

Skill: Good jokes

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Charles Later

Surely you know the popular, impersonator and showman Carlos Latre. Well, in the skills of Alexa it is present to make you smile.

You can ask him to tell a joketell you one phrase of one of the characters he imitates to perfection. This is an addition to give you energy, motivation and at the same time make you smile, since many of the phrases he tells us are typical of his imitations.

Skill: Charles Later

make me the ball

You can perfectly tell Alexa make you the ball after you install this skill.

From then on, every phrase Alexa says will be for extol yourself moreinflating you so much that there will come a time when you can explode with so much praise.

That yes, every time he tells you a phrase to make you the ball, he will ask you if you want him to continue, to which you can answer Yes, to hear more or No so that he stops balling you, without first saying goodbye with another flattering phrase .

Skill: make me the ball

hundred jokes

With this skill we are going to listen many different jokes of different styles. According to the developers, a selection of the best has been made.

It is clear that laughter is beneficial for everyone, since thanks to it we can deal with illness, stressful day-to-day life, exhaustion from work and a host of other things that can harm us.

Skill: hundred jokes

easter eggs

This is a different addition, which includes several things and that it will surprise you every time you run it.

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Once installed, we can wait for Alexa to sing with autotune, tell us a joke, narrate a story, play a piece of music, tell us a curious fact from a movie or ask us about a character from a film.

As you have seen, this is a very varied skillas well as fun. The only problem is that it is only in English.

Skill: easter eggs

Quest of Elements

This is a kind of game where Alexa is going to challenge the adventurer what you have inside of you

The gifts of fire, earth and water await to take you on an intriguing quest. Alexa will be painting images with words so that we can cast spells and find treasures in this world you create. It’s also in English, but it’s worth it, whether you know English or just a little.

Skill: Quest of Elements

Father and Mother Phrases

In this case, Alexa will be in charge of telling us those typical phrases that our father and our mother They told us and continue to tell us today.

Some have become mythical, since we have all been told them at some point, causing us to smile when we hear them again.

Skill: Father Quotes

Skill: Mother Phrases

The smile is something important that we should never lose, especially because problems are faced in another way. If we can use Alexa to spend a pleasant, fun time with the occasional laugh, welcome.

This world does not have plenty of smiles, that’s why you have to encourage them.

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