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The 13 habits you have to change if you want to lose weight for real

Thirteen Habits You Have To Change If You Want To Really Lose Weight

Thirteen Habits You Have To Change If You Want To Really Lose Weight

When faced with a decision like that of lose weight the most important thing is not that you go running to join the gym. Not much less. Playing sports helps, that is obvious, but it is not the only important thing. You also have to introduce other changes in your life that will help you carry out once and for all a healthier life without excesses and with health as a goal. And it is that at the moment of truth the fundamental thing is that you change your life to win in wellness, not just to lose weight. That is why in this article we propose thirteen changes that you have to introduce in your life if you really want to get rid of those extra kilos that make you self-conscious. These are, in short, the habits you have to leave behind if you want to lose weight.

1. Eat breakfast in three minutes

You are always in a hurry. You wake up when the alarm goes off for the third time and you do it reluctantly. So much so that you don’t spend time having breakfast even though you’ve been listening to what this is all your life “the main meal of the day“Well, that has to change. Eating breakfast is more than important. Don’t take the first thing you find in the pantry. Forget the buns and choose fruit, cheese and yogurt. There are three products that will take you five minutes to prepare (or much less) and that will also help you not to be hungry in the middle of the morning. You’ll only have to get up ten minutes early.

2. Weigh you every bit

Losing weight is a matter of patience and constancy. You don’t have to weigh yourself every little bit. What’s more, it is better if the changes are long-term. If they are short term you will fall into miracle diets and other ways to lose weight that will generate a significant “rebound effect” and you will look even worse than before you started losing weight.

Thirteen habits that you have to change if you want to lose weight for real. INFORMATION

3. Go up to your floor by elevator

When you get home live in a room or in a second do not take the elevator. You want lose weight and gain in health true? So then it is much better to take the stairs. It is a very healthy exercise with which many muscles of the body are put into operation. Try doing it once a day. You will see how soon you get used to it. The first days you will arrive home out of breath but little by little you will notice how your physical and mental state improves

4. Dinner late

Dinner is the last meal of the day. It is assumed that those calories that you gain with what you eat at the last minute you are not going to use them anymore so you have to dine light and soon (not so soon that you get hungry before bed but not half an hour before you go to bed). Also, going to bed after digesting will help you get a much more restful sleep. Usually when you go to bed after dinner you can even have nightmares.

5. Throw yourself on the couch just after lunch (or dinner)

Do you know what the Italian trick is for lose weight? Walk 15 minutes right after each meal. Thus the Italians manage not to gain weight. The reason is simple: by not lying down on the sofa they help the body use up the calories it is generating with digestion. A little walk or doing the dishes will help you not be tempted.

6. Go hungry

The old axiom that if you go hungry you are losing weight has already been taken for false by hundreds of nutritionists. The specialists in this field have it clear: to show off you don’t have to suffer. It is better to be aware of changing your life and taking steps in favor of your health than to make the decision to make your body suffer. Starving for 10 days will only give you an unwanted rebound effect if you really want to lose weight.

7. Eating “fake” or “not real” food

Royal food has become all the rage. And it is simply a matter of re-looking at the labels of what you buy. The body is better prepared to digest and use healthier foods. No fast food or take out. Spend time in the kitchen. Your health (and even your pocketbook) will thank you.

Thirteen habits that you have to change if you want to lose weight for real. INFORMATION

8. Drink soft drinks and alcohol

It is a small effort but you will notice a big change. If you put aside the sugary soft drinks and go to the “zero” range, you will notice the loss of up to five kilos in a month. Alcohol is also an enemy if you want to lose weight. In addition, as you get older, it will be more harmful to your health so you better leave it behind as soon as possible.

9. Eat between meals

It is a highly discouraged habit if you want lose weight But if you also rob the vending machine of your work then it is already the worst decision you could make. If your working day is too long and you have to stop mid-morning or mid-afternoon to eat something, we have the ideal solution for you: take fruit or 30 grams of nuts with you to the office.

10. Go by car for short trips

As the price of the gasoline (at all-time highs), it is normal that you want to leave the car at home. Well now you have the perfect excuse. Did you know that according to the World Health Organization you have to take 15,000 steps a day to maintain a state of Healthy life? Well, you already know: leave the car at home as long as your journey is half an hour walking.

Thirteen Habits You Have To Change If You Want To Really Lose Weight INFORMATION

11. Dedicate little time and importance to sleep

We usually sleep little and badly. We don’t have time and we don’t dedicate the importance it deserves to rest. It is a fundamental part of your day and that is why We recommend that you download an application that alerts you when you have to turn off the TV or stop talking and go to sleep. It is essential to rest seven or eight hours a day. But not only for your quality of work, but also to face the day with energy and lose weight.

12. Sugar for everything

You don’t have to add sugar to dessert, to coffee, to chocolate… There are alternatives like stevia. Remember that several organizations are warning of the large number of diseases that we are going to have to face in the future due to the excess consumption of sugar that we are doing in numerous products.

13. Do not drink water

You have to drink more water. Up to two liters a day. In addition to filling you up before meals, water will improve your health and your intestinal transit. Try taking a bottle of water of at least 750 milliliters with you to work and suggesting that you drink it whole. Water is not only good for your health, it is also necessary.

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